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Oceania Cruises is a specialty cruising company which offers an upscale cruising experience to exciting destinations all over the world. When you choose Oceania, it truly is 'Your World. Your Way'. In operation since 2002, Oceania focuses on the destination and really brings the region into the entire vacation experience. Cuisine is a very important aspect of cruising to this special cruise line, as well as making sure each passenger onboard receives personalized service and has plenty of memorable experiences. Continue to the following section where you can learn more about Oceania Cruises' destinations, fleet and experience.

Oceania Destinations

Cruise with Oceania Cruises to exotic, historic and alluring destinations all over the world. Featuring longer itineraries, incredible extended overnight stays in the most intriguing destinations and the capability to visit 'hidden' and smaller ports-of-call, Oceania really focuses on immersing each passenger in the destination. Discover unique cultures and special people in Africa. Kick back and soak in the tropics during a cruise to the Caribbean or South Pacific. Enrich your body, mind and soul with a voyage to the Mediterranean or Northern Europe. Choose Oceania Cruises, and anything is possible. Your World. Your Way. Dive in to each destination by clicking a link below, or move on to the next section regarding Oceania's fleet.

Oceania Cruises Oceania Cruises Oceania Cruises

Oceania Ships

With four regal, mid-sized cruise ships to choose from, Oceania has ensured that each vessel is filled with comforting accommodations, modern regional touches and culinary inspiration. Dine as you would in Tuscany onboard the Nautica in the special dining venue Toscana. Stay fresh and fit in the world-class spa and fitness area offered on the Regatta and the Canyon Ranch Spa onboard the Marina. Or revel in the Bon Appetit Culinary Center, a hands-on cooking school, while sailing on the Riviera. Each ship offers spacious and plush accommodations, gorgeous decor and regional culinary influence. Join the Oceania Cruises fleet for a memorable vacation. Click one of the links below, or read about the Oceania Experience in the next section.

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    Oceania Cruises

    Oceania Experience

    The experience of Oceania Cruises is unmatched. World-renowned Jacques P&3233;pin created a gourmet culinary program for this cruise line that is unparalleled in the cruising industry, and really differentiates the experience. For example, each restaurant offers delicious cuisine with fresh local ingredients. Serene spa treatments, a country-club casual atmosphere and superb European-style service will ensure that each passenger is more than satisfied with their onboard experience. Click one of the links below to see some ship, restaurant and stateroom photos or information.

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