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An inviting island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda combines English heritage with island vibes to make for one exciting destination for your next Oceania Cruise. With the highest number of golf courses per square mile in the world, Oceania Cruises to Bermuda exude a laid back, country club atmosphere where everyone is living on island time. Spend some time with the pink sand between your toes at the famed Horseshoe Bay, get some sun on your face on a sailboat excursion or indulge yourself in the world-class shopping and native cocktails. An Oceania Cruise to Bermuda offers luxury, relaxation with some adventure sprinkled in, if you’re up for it. As Mark Twain said, “You can go to heaven if you want. I’d rather stay here in Bermuda.” For more information on cruising to Bermuda with the luxurious Oceania Cruises, keep reading or call one of our experts at 1-800-377-9383!


Things to Do on a Bermuda Cruise with Oceania


With only a couple of ports to visit on an Oceania Cruise to Bermuda, one might worry “What will I do?” But worry not! Ports like Hamilton and St. George in Bermuda are full of exciting ways to dive into the local culture, cuisine and activities. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite shoreside activities on an Bermuda cruise with Oceania:



Pink beaches in Bermuda
  • Scenic Shores (Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda)
    Enjoy the island sun in the Southern part of Bermuda, where pink sands line picturesque beaches, waiting for you to visit.




Cave in the Bermudan shoreline
  • Crystal Cave Diving (Hamilton, Bermuda)
    If you’re up for some adventure, the Crystal Caves near Hamilton offer a wonderful display of nature’s beauty, including an underground lake with waters so clear, you can see 50 feet to the bottom.




Beachfront Mansion in Bermuda
  • Billionaire Bungalows (Hamilton, Bermuda)
    Explore the neighborhood of Tuckers Town, more commonly known as billionaires row, where waterfront homes line the beach, each one more magnificent than the last.




Catamaran at Sunset
  • Sailboats at Sunset (Hamilton, Bermuda)
    There’s no sight quite like a sunset off the Bermudan coast, and the best way to experience the fiery oranges and reds against the distant horizon is onboard a 70 foot catamaran with a drink in your hand.




Old-school telephone booth in Bermuda
  • A Unique UNESCO Site (St. George, Bermuda)
    Cobblestone lanes are familiar for those who have visited colonial English towns and can be found lining St. George, paying homage to over 400 years of history as a UNESCO World Heritage site as an authentic colonial settlement in North America. The English influence never stopped in Bermuda, as shown in the classic telephone booths dotting the island.




Haunted old graveyard
  • Haunted History (St. George, Bermuda)
    With 400 years of history, it can’t all be good, right? Such as the ghost of George Dew, a 17th century pirate who is said to still stalk the island. Will you hear him playing his harp? Or perhaps a stroll through some of the oldest graveyards in the West will help you get your fill of chill.



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