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Toes in the sand, you will not have a worry in the world when you cruise to the Western Caribbean with Oceania Cruises! From the exotic, secluded beaches of Corinto to the bustling night-life of Cozumel, a cruise to the Western Caribbean with Oceania has everything you could possibly imagine while ashore, and endless, all-inclusive luxury aboard the ship. The Western Caribbean is home to towering, modern cities and ancient ruins, juxtaposed in such a way that truly fascinates all who travel here. Give your cruise consultant a call at 1-800-377-9383 for more information on cruising the Western Caribbean with Oceania Cruises.


Things to Do on a Western Caribbean Cruise with Oceania


No matter where you travel in the Caribbean, your destination is known for exquisite beaches and the same rings true for the Western Caribbean. Enjoy the luxurious white sand of Mexico’s beaches or soak up the sun in San Juan Del Sur. Lovers of history will be thrilled by the plethora of Mayan ruins, ruins from Spanish settlements and the long-standing traditions of the local people! Those looking for a more traditionally relaxing vacation will be delighted with the destinations and the all-inclusive luxury of Oceania cruises. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite things to do in the Western Caribbean with Oceania Cruises:



Coastline of Belize City
  • Marvels of the Mayan Empire (Belize City, Belize)
    From the Mayan Museum, housing countless artifacts, to perfectly preserved ruins, Belize City is the perfect destination for history buffs to explore the lost empire in depth.




Butterfly in Key West Butterfly Garden
  • Wildlife in Key West (Key West, Florida)
    When you think Key West, you might not think wildlife – but make sure to check out the world-famous aquarium and butterfly gardens, home to over 50 species of butterflies.




Up close and personal with sea turtle in Roatan
  • Superb Snorkeling (Roatan, Honduras)
    Slip into your wet suit and hop on board to Roatan, where the clear, shallow water makes for some of the best reef snorkeling in the Caribbean. Not much of a swimmer? Hop on horseback and explore the lush rainforests and luxurious beaches.




Barracuda swimming by
  • Submarine Adventures (George Town, Cayman Islands)
    Not as shallow as Roatan, hop into a private submarine and explore the deep-sea wonders that lay off the coast of the Cayman Islands!




Ancient Leon Cathedral
  • Ancient Settlements & Modern Cities (Corinto, Nicaragua)
    Situated just miles from white sand beaches and the cultural hub of León is the 15th century settlement of León Viejo, the earliest Spanish settlement on the mainland on the Americas.




Beach in Cozumel
  • Trifecta of Tourism (Cozumel, Mexico)
    Shop ‘til you drop, soak up some rays or venture out to Cozumel’s ancient ruins – everything you could want in a vacation can be found in this popular port!



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