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Cruising the Panama Canal is not only a wonderful way to experience the amazing natural beauty of Central America, it’s also a connection to the history of America. The Panama Canal, which turned 100 in 2014, is an engineering marvel. Who would have thought that you could create a waterway connecting two oceans? This project was a massive undertaking and changed the face of world commerce for decades to come. With Oceania Cruises you can see firsthand this amazing stretch of land and discover the intricacies of the locks and the canal’s everyday operations. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the marvelous natural beauty of the region, from visiting the coffee farms of Costa Rica to exploring the jungles of Panama. 


Things to Do on a Panama Canal Cruise with Oceania Cruises


Cruising through Central America via the Panama Canal is a true adventure, especially with Oceania Cruises. Spend some time hiking in Guatemala, seeing the bubbling mud pots in Nicaragua and ziplining through the rainforest in Costa Rica.



Oceania Cruises remains of Mayan house Guatemala
  • Eco-Hike at Hacienda Tijax (Santo Tomas, Guatemala)
    Take a boat to Hacienda Tijax, a preserved rainforest. Here you’ll walk through the tree tops on an elevated cable bridge. During your walk you’ll learn about what comes from the jungle, like gum, rubber and medicinal plants. You’ll also be able to head to the Observatory Tower for views all along the river. Indulge in a poolside barbeque for lunch and if you want you can go kayaking or horseback riding.




Oceania Cruises Panama City Panama Miraflores locks on a sunny day
  • Panama Canal Experience (Fuerte Amador, Panama)
    Take a ferry ride through the Panama Canal and as you pass through the Miraflores Locks you and your ship will rise 56 feet. Then you’ll go through the Pedro Miguel Locks and rise another 28 feet to enter Gatun Lake. Next you’ll sail through the Culebra Cut, which was the most challenging section of the canal to build. You’ll eat onboard and visit Gamboa where the canal’s dredging division is headquartered.




Oceania Cruises landscape in Tarcoles Province Puntarenas Costa Rica
  • Exclusive Costa Rican Art Experience (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)
    Drive through the tropical countryside to arrive at an artist studio and exhibition hall where you can view artwork. While here you can work with artists to create your own masterpiece with the Costa Rican techniques. Then you’ll visit Naranjo and tour the Basilica with its gorgeous stained glass windows and Roman-style columns. Lastly, you’ll enjoy lunch at a Costa Rican home.




Oceania Cruises Cathedral of Leon Nicaragua
  • Colonial Leon and Bubbling Mud Pots (Corinto, Nicaragua)
    Drive through the volcanic lowlands to get to Leon, which was founded in 1524 by Spanish conquistadors. Here you’ll see the Leon Cathedral with its abundance of sunlight and the Flemish altarpiece. Next you’ll head to San Jacinto where the mud pots are constantly boiling and spewing steam and mud in the air. The heat comes from the Telica Volcano which you can see in the distance.




Oceania Cruises three toed sloth on the ground Costa Rica Central America
  • Ziplining in the Rainforest (Puerto Limon, Costa Rica)
    Tour the canopy of the tropical forest as you fly on ziplines hung throughout the trees. There are 10 platforms which you’ll zip to; the longest stretch is 197 feet. This exhilarating experience is great for all ages and will give you a unique view of the rainforest. After your excursion you’ll head to a buffet lunch with seasonal fruit.




Oceania Cruises coffee from Guatemala South America
  • Coffee Close to Nature (Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala)
    Travel for 90 minutes through pastures, sugar cane plantations and cattle farms and keep your eyes on the lookout for volcanoes in the distance. At Finca El Barretal you’ll learn about the cultivation and harvest of Guatemalan coffee. During this Oceania excursion you’ll also have some refreshments.



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