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Port Antonio, Jamaica Cruise Port

When you think of Jamaica, you may think of Kingston first, thanks to its size and status as the country's capital. However, cruising through the Caribbean Sea will also get you to the island's third largest port: Port Antonio, Jamaica, known for bananas, coconuts, and tourism. The town of around 13,000 residents is within the parish of Portland on the island's northeastern coast. It was founded in the 1720s and remained low-key until the 1880s. Once Port Antonio became popular among wealthy travelers, travelers came in droves. Hollywood also took notice, using the area as a setting for films, including Lord of the Flies and Clara's Heart. There are so many things to see and do in Port Antonio – from shopping to dining to beaches to exploring history – that you may want to come back soon. Here some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Port Antonio, Jamaica:
  • Frenchman's Cove is on one of the area's favorite beaches. It used to be flanked by a posh resort which closed and was replaced by a more modest one. Nature lovers will enjoy the flora that attracts native wildlife, while relaxing on the white sands near the sea creates a relaxed getaway.
  • Popular among divers because of its depth, the Blue Lagoon was actually named after the movie (this lagoon was originally called The Blue Hole). The color of the water seems to change depending on the sun, and the alternating warm and cool water seems to give you a massage as you swim.
  • Actor Errol Flynn was possibly Port Antonio's most popular resident, so little wonder that the Errol Flynn Marina is named after him. Found in the center of town, you can find dive shops, ice cream, a beach, and world-class facilities for yachters.
  • Not just any old mall: Step back in time while strolling through the Village of St. George in downtown Port Antonio, which features centuries of European architecture in Georgian, Gothic, Tudor, and Art Deco styles. There are plenty of modern boutiques, so this is the place for shopping if you want plenty of variety.

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