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West Point, Falkland Islands Cruise Port

West Point Island is one of the Falkland Islands, which was initially known as Albatross Island. It is regarded to have the most striking scenery in the region and is the property of Roddy and Lily Napier. In 1879, it was founded as a sheep farm by Arthur Felton, who was Roddy Napier’s great uncle. It is a popular tourist attraction, which is also run as a sheep farm. Just like other places around the region, West Point was an immensely famous site for slaughtering animals such as penguins and seals for oil. However, this industry eventually died. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to West Point, Falkland Islands will enjoy:
  • Birdwatchers will have a good time on the island. It is the home to a wide variety of birds such as the Black-browed albatrosses and penguins among others. People will get to see the big colonies of Black-browed Albatrosses in their natural habitat.
  • Marine lovers will be in for a treat on the island. It is not uncommon to spot dolphins at the harbor. The dolphins can be seen at the harbor on a regular basis, which adds to the pleasant scenery of the island.
  • Hiking in the region is highly recommended. There are many trails that people can go for a walk on and take in the striking sights. It is a good way to explore the island and what it has to offer from its impressive landscapes to the flora and fauna.
  • The island is without a doubt a photographer’s paradise. Photographers will definitely find many subjects and objects worth capturing good pictures of. Armed with a camera and all that is needed in terms of interesting photography subjects, photographers have a high chance of taking good pictures.

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