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New Island, Falkland Islands Cruise Port

New Island is found in the Falkland Islands, which is considered by some to be the most beautiful island of all in the whole Falkland archipelago. In the past, it has been used as a base for sheep farming, whaling, and even as a guano collection point. The island has a very diverse landscape that varies from high cliffs to some low lying, rocky shores. The island is also a nature reserve that is under the protection of the New Island Conservation Trust. New Island gained this status in 1972, due to the efforts of Ian Strange. It is known for the wildlife diversity that is spread throughout the whole island. Listed below are some of the experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to New Island, Falkland Islands:
  • The island is well known as a bird breeding ground, and visitors should not miss seeing the more than the 39 different bird species that inhabit the island. It has been estimated that around 2 million birds inhabit the island’s rocky shores and cliffs.
  • History buffs should take the time to visit some of the island’s historic remnants, such as the old whaling station on New Island South that was built in 1908. Some of the structures are still standing and there is a nearby mine sweeper that was beached close to the station.
  • Visitors interested in learning more about the island’s structures, should visit the restored Barnard Building. Part of the structure was built by Captain Charles Barnard as a shelter when he was stuck on the island for around 2 years in 1812.
  • Adventurers and nature lovers alike should not miss out on touring the island on foot. The island’s natural beauty is an assuring reward. Visitors will be able to get views of the island’s diverse landscape that varies from sheer cliffs to beautiful beaches.
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