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Saunders Island, Falkland Islands Cruise Port

Those who love sheep and other wildlife may want to plan their next cruise to the port of Saunders Island, Falkland Islands. The fourth largest of Falkland Islands, it's north of West Falkland within the South Atlantic Ocean – and the entire island is run as a sheep farm. The first settlement here was by British Vice Admiral John Byron, who established the island's Port Egmont in 1765. However, there was already a French presence within the area, which the Spanish took over in 1767; eventually, both England and Spain gave up their hold on Saunders Island (even though the British left behind a plaque that claimed their sovereignty over the Falklands). Today, the island is owned by the Poole-Evans family; they maintain the farm and listed building (Stone House) at the Saunders Island Settlement. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Saunders Island, Falkland Islands:
  • Birdwatchers: Saunders Island is considered an Important Bird Area (IBA), with a focus here on conserving the homes for all breeds. There are thousands of birds here worth noting, including but certainly not limited to gentoo penguins, southern rockhopper penguins, Magellanic penguins, and white-bridled finches. The black-browed albatross colony is also a favorite among birders.
  • Seal-watching is another popular activity. Head to Elephant Point to see the southern elephant seals that lounge and romp along the white sand beaches.
  • Take a boat out to do some whale-watching, where you'll see southern right whales (which may get fairly close to the island). On rare occasions, fin and sei whales have also put in an appearance.
  • Hiking is a favorite pastime on Saunders Island, and one of the best ways to get close to the wildlife (if you're stealthy enough). There are three upland areas on the island for those who want to go higher; Mount Richards is the highest point at 1,499 feet.

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