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Cape Horn, Chile Cruise Port

Cape Horn is the most southern part of Tierra del Fuego, and therefore one of the closest spots to Antarctica. This uninhabited land has become famous in the world of sailing for its rough winds, strong waves and icebergs. But there’s no need to worry, cruise ships are experts at traversing around the Cape, which is part of the Drake Passage. This route gives you the opportunity to put on your explorer pants and see the same landscapes that sailors did hundreds of years ago. You may not be docking here, but be sure to take in the view from your ship. Featured here are some of our favorite facts and sights for Cape Horn, Chile:


  • There is one lighthouse, called the Cape Horn Lighthouse, which is actually a mile east of Cape Horn. There is another lighthouse that is on Cape Horn and is the most southern lighthouse in the world.
  • Because of the treachery of passing through the Cape, sailors who successfully complteded an eastbound passage were entitled to wear a gold loop earring in their left ear and dine with one foot on the table.
  • Charles Darwin passed through Cape Horn on his famous journey aboard the Beagle, which led him to write his masterpiece, The Origins of Species.

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