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Paradise Bay, Errera Channel Cruise Port

Anyone who has ever dreamed of cruising to Antarctica finds more choice than ever before, although greater care is taken not to disturb the ecosystem. One of the most fascinating cruise ports is Paradise Bay (also called Paradise Harbor), found near the Errera Channel after crossing the Southern Ocean. One of only two ports on the continent for cruise ships, it's a gateway to the wonders found inside this frozen wonderland. Here you'll find two research stations: the Almirante Brown Antarctic Base (Argentina) and the Gonzalez Videla Antarctic Base (Chile). It’s easy to see why the area was given its name by whalers back in 1920, as the mountains, glaciers, and whales make it unlike any other place on Earth. Travelling via the popular zodiac boat within the bay gets you close to the sights. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Paradise Bay, Antarctica:
  • For a monument that has been designated a historic site by the Chilean government, check out the shelter erected in 1950. It honors Gabriel Gonzalez Videla, the first head of state to visit the Antarctic.
  • Whale watching is understandably one of the most popular pastimes here, and getting near them in the zodiac is a special thrill. The most frequent "visitors" to the boats are humpback and minke whales, which look even more incredible against the backdrop of white.
  • If there's anything more popular than whale watching in Antarctica, it's penguin watching. The adorable Gentoo penguins are a favorite, and it almost seems like they're performing for the crowd. You may also spot some seals lurking about, and even some old whale bones in the snow – a leftover from the whaling era.
  • Many travelers come here to see the icebergs and glaciers up close. The quiet that surrounds these giants is awe-inspiring. If you're lucky enough to see a glacier calving (where a smaller piece splits from the larger one), that sound will stay in your memory forever.
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