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During a cruise to South America with Oceania Cruises, you’ll sail the wildlife-filled coasts and delve into flowing landscapes that change from ocean to mountain to rainforest. You can take an expedition into the jungles and rainforests of Costa Rica, where you’ll find rare birds, monkeys, and crocodiles. There’s inspiring artwork and gardens near the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador for you to view, and a special experience waiting in Rio de Janeiro—the Christ the Redeemer statue. Whether it’s by airboat, train or guided tour, each day of your cruise to South America will be enlightening with Oceania Cruises.


Things to Do on a South America Cruise with Oceania Cruises


South America is filled with experiences just waiting for you to discover. We suggest an afternoon with gauchos, time spent enjoying the lively atmosphere of Rio and a trip to see the mysterious Nazca Lines. All of this and more is available with an Oceania Cruises South American cruise.



Oceania Cruises Serra Geral National Park mountain range in Southern Brazil
  • The Gauchos of Southern Brazil (Rio Grande, Brazil)
    Head out to the Brazilian pampas to the Estancia Sao Jose where you’ll be greeted with refreshments and musicians. Tour the site and relax as you enjoy a demonstration by the gauchos as they show off their skills and their horses. They’ll demonstrate lassoing and a war dance. After this, you’ll have a lunch featuring farm-raised beef and lamb. During your meal you’ll also be entertained by local dances and songs.




Oceania Cruises Grey Gletscher in Chile
  • Laguna San Rafael by Catamaran (Laguna San Rafael, Chile)
    Most people think of a catamaran as an island hopping vessel, but here in Southern Chile you’ll take a ride on this boat to get an up close experience with the San Valentin Glacier. This glacier is the closest glacier to the equator and part of the Laguna San Rafael National Park. Be sure to bring your camera to capture this stupendous scenery, especially if you see any part of the glacier calving (breaking off).




Oceania Cruises Las Penas in Guayaquil Ecuador
  • MAAC Museum and Las Penas (Guayaquil, Equador)
    This day includes a visit to the Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum, which houses 50,000 artifacts of Ecuadorian history and artwork. This museum will surely help you learn about the ancient past of this small country. After this you’ll head to the Las Penas neighborhood and see homes built 400 years ago and stroll through the charming streets with art galleries and cafes, and don’t be afraid to approach the friendly locals.




Oceania Cruises guests on a culinary tour
  • Culinary Discovery Tour – An Argentine Culinary Experience (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    First you’ll head to the San Telmo Market with its never ending supply of vendor stalls. You’ll then head to the Havana Café to try some local specialties like alfajore, a pastry. Then you’ll roll up your sleeves to learn how to make dishes like empanadas, and chimichurri sauce. Of course, you’ll also enjoy the fruits of your labor. And before your day ends you’ll get some dulce de leche at the Volta ice cream shop.




Oceania Cruises Paracas National Park Reserve Pisco Peru
  • Nazca Lines Overflight (Pisco, Peru)
    Explore the mysterious Nazca Lines from the air. These are scratches in Peru’s coastal plain that were believed to have been made between 500 BC and 500 AD. These scratches seem to resemble forms like dogs, monkeys and trees. From your vantage high above you can get a great look and come up with your own theory as to who made these, how they made them and what they mean.




Oceania Cruises Sugar Loaf Mountain cable car
  • Sugar Loaf and Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    Climb to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain via a cable car. You’ll first stop at the summit of Urca Hill, then carry on to reach the top of Sugar Loaf where you’ll have amazing views of the city. Then you’ll head to the acclaimed Copacabana neighborhood where people are always out and about, especially on the beach.



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