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Oceania Cruises Repositioning Cruises

Known as a repositioning cruise, these are Oceania cruises with extra sea days as the ship moves to a new home port! With more sea days, but always a few stops along the way, you’ll get to really relax, rewind and unplug while your ship makes the journey across the ocean. Whether you spend your days on the pool deck with a drink in hand, in the library with a book in hand or at the spa, being waited on hand and foot, there is truly enough onboard to make this a vacation you’ll never forget. But remember, we said there would be stops! If your repositioning sailing is a Transatlantic Oceania cruise, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the Canary Islands on an eastbound or some Caribbean islands on a westbound! If it’s Transpacific, you’ll explore some of Southeast Asia before embarking on through the Pacific Passageway. For more information on repositioning cruises with Oceania, call our experts at 1-800-377-9383!


While your repositioning cruise can spend time in the Canary Islands, Tahiti, Iceland and more, many of your days will be spent enjoying the relaxation and seclusion of an Oceania ship in the middle of the ocean. While onboard, there are plenty of ways to treat yourself! Keep reading to find out how you can spend your days in luxurious comfort, unplugging and getting the relaxing vacation you deserve.


Oceania Repositioning Cruise Activities


Aquamar Spa on Oceania Vista

Sea Day = Aquamar Spa Day

If you’re spending a day at sea onboard Oceania during a repositioning cruise, you need to hit the Aquamar Spa! From a day full of signature treatments to a short massage as a treat, you’ll be glad you spent a sea day in the spa.


Lobster at Toscana on Oceania ship

Foodie’s Dream Cruise

Oceania is not known for “The Finest Cuisine at Sea” for nothing – and you’ll have plenty of time during a repositioning cruise to try everything, especially the specialty restaurants! By the time you’re stepping off the ship, you’ll be a foodie and planning your next Oceania cruise.


Panama Canal

Plentiful Ports of Call

While these are repositioning cruises and have lots of sea days, you made the right choice with Oceania! Oceania repositioning cruises are unique, as some of them visit bucket list destinations like the Panama Canal or Iceland! With the help of your expert consultant at The Cruise Web, we can make sure you get the perfect balance of relaxing days at sea and onshore exploration at the best price.



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Oceania Cruises Repositioning Departure Ports

Discover the various departure ports for Oceania repositioning cruises. Your luxury repositioning cruise with Oceania Cruises could start in any of the ports below:

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