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Milos, Greece Cruise Port

Milos is unofficially known as the island of color because of its vibrant beaches, waters, and rocks; the rocks are actually hardened magma from the island's volcanic origins. Located in the Aegean Sea, north of the Sea of Crete, Milos is the southernmost island in the Cyclades group. The island is famous for its statues of Greek gods and goddesses, some of which remain while others were removed to be displayed in museums. The most famous statue is of Aphrodite, the "Venus de Milo," which is currently in the Louvre in Paris. Milos has many exquisite beaches, many of which are only accessible by sea. Boat rides to these more secluded beaches are available for tours or day trips. Swimming and snorkeling are popular in the warm, crystal clear water surrounding the island. Other sightseeing spots include various volcano-created sea caves, and classical architecture which includes a number of visually striking churches.

  • Visit Sarakiniko Beach, Milos' most famous because of its unusual limestone landscape that was smoothed out by wind and flowing waters over hundreds of years.
  • The Old Sulfur Mines at Paliorema offer another unique landscape and bordering beach that, although a bit off the beaten path, is a gorgeous site worth seeing if time permits.
  • Learn the ins and outs of the history of mining at Milos Mining Museum which offers live presentations, an informative staff, and plenty of beautiful mined minerals to gaze at.
  • Check out the unexpected, yet wonderfully preserved Ancient Roman Theatre. This amphitheater overlooks the ocean and is a great place to walk freely up and down steps to explore its wonder.

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