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Oceania Cruises South Pacific / Tahiti Cruises

Cruise with Oceania Cruises and find comforting luxury in the islands of the South Pacific. Let the cool waters of Tahiti’s waterfalls cascade down your back as the vibrant fish swim around your ankles, or relax at night with a glass of French wine and delectable cuisine. Kick back in the sand and take in the sunsets of Bora Bora, or explore the exciting tropical rainforests of Fiji. Your eyes will widen in the Bay of Islands as you take a look at the blue penguins and flying dolphins. It’s all colorful, marvelous and unique when you cruise to the South Pacific with Oceania Cruises.


Things to Do on a South Pacific Cruise with Oceania Cruises



The secluded islands of the South Pacific give you a real opportunity to rejuvenate as you experience the culture of the natives and spend time on an aquasafari in the warm blue waters. Discover the ultimate paradise of the South Pacific with Oceania Cruises, and make the most of your visit with any number of shore excursions.



Oceania Cruises overwater bungalow on the tropical island of Bora Bora Tahiti French Polynesia
  • Aquasafari (Bora Bora, French Polynesia)
    Dive into a lagoon wearing a special helmet that helps you descend 10 feet underwater to walk along the floor of the ocean and watch colorful fish swim past. This helmet covers your head allowing you to breathe normally, yet underwater. Under the water you’ll also see amazing coral and other sea creatures.




Oceania Cruises desert island off Lautoka in west of the island of Viti Levu Fiji
  • Garden of the Sleeping Giants (Lautoka, Fiji)
    Travel to the Viseisei village through fields of sugarcane, where you’ll be greeted with a welcoming song and dance before taking part in a kava ceremony. This is a tongue-numbing drink that is made from the pepper plant. The kava ceremony where you enjoy the drink is held at all the village’s cultural celebrations. Next you’ll travel to the orchid garden whose backdrop is a mountain, known as the sleeping giant. After this you’ll visit the shops at Nadi Town where you can purchase Fijian handicrafts.




Oceania Cruises loungers on the beach at a Cook Islands resort
  • Raro Safari by Off-Road Vehicle (Rarotonga, Cook Islands)
    Head off into the back roads of the island with a guide who will tell you about daily life on the island, as well as the uses of many of the island’s plants. You’ll head into the rainforest and climb to the top of Hospital Heights for soaring views. You can also head to the Papaaroa Beach and the Wigmore’s Waterfall. Another highlight are the marae, which are the islands’ sacred stones.




Oceania Cruises Vatia Bay on Tutuila Island American Samoa
  • Tea at Omalata and Cultural Show (Pago Pago, American Samoa)
    Visit the Omalata residence which is situated right on the water. You can watch the waves roll in and the palm trees sway in the breeze. This house is also known for having a beautiful garden with orchids and plants indigenous to the island. During your visit performers will show you some of the folklore of the island through song and dance and you’ll have a delightful tea.




Oceania Cruises black sand beach pirae Papeete Tahiti Island French Polynesia
  • In Paul Gauguin’s Footsteps (Papeete, French Polynesia)
    Visit the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands which displays archeological artifacts explaining the island’s history and that of its people. Then you’ll drive to the Paul Gauguin Museum to learn about this acclaimed painter who moved to French Polynesia in his later life. Afterwards you’ll visit the Arahurahu Marae, a sacred landmark for the pre-Christian Polynesian societies.




Oceania Cruises polynesian outrigger still used on the shore of a tropical island in Fiji
  • Navua River by Longboat (Suva, Fiji)
    Take in the beauty of Suva as you glide through the Navua River which is surrounded by mountains, rainforests and beautiful flora and fauna. You’ll stop at the village of Nukusere and participate in the kava ceremony. Then you will be given a tour of the village and learn about coconut husking and scraping. Afterwards you can head back on the river to go swimming at the river’s largest waterfall.



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Learn more about your potential departure ports for a South Pacific and Tahiti cruise with Oceania Cruises. Your Oceania Cruises South Pacific and Tahiti cruise could depart from any of the following cities:

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