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From palaces to castles and rivers to valleys, there’s something to discover at every cruise port when you choose a Northern Europe cruise with Crystal Cruises. See the lifeblood of some of the region as you explore the coasts of the flowing Danube, Rhine, Elbe, and Rhone rivers. Inspire yourself as you stand atop the scenic Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, or the White Cliffs of Dover, once a barrier to invaders. You can enjoy the eccentricities of Amsterdam, cycling through the streets and visiting historical sites. You’ll be inspired and delighted by the diversity and excitement of a Crystal Cruises Northern Europe cruise.


Things to Do on a Northern Europe Cruise with Crystal Cruises


From cathedrals to beer brewing, a Crystal Cruises voyage to Northern Europe is filled with a diversity of activities. Explore the history of WWII at Utah and Omaha Beach in France or at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. You can also explore British culture at Hillsborough Castle in Belfast.


Crystal Cruises Anne Frank Statue Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Anne Frank House & Jewish Historical Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    The stories of Anne Frank are some of the most interesting and important stories during the Holocaust. Visit her house where her and her family hid during that time and where her original diaries remain.


Crystal Cruises corner building in Belfast United Kingdom
  • Belfast Highlights & Hillsborough Castle (Belfast, United Kingdom)
    For modern insights on the Industrial Revolution, visit this remarkable city of Belfast, where political wall murals surround the city. Tour the Hillsborough Castle for in-depth understandings of the life of the British Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth II.


Crystal Cruises dark irish beer like Guinness
  • Guinness Storehouse & Old Jameson Distillery (Dublin, Ireland)
    For a true taste of Ireland, take your taste buds to the Guinness Storehouse and Old Jameson Distillery for tours on the beer brewing and whiskey making processes. Excursions to the Guinness Storehouse include tastings in fun bars like the rooftop Gravity Bar.


Crystal Cruises Military Tattoo temporary grandstand Edinburgh Castle Scotland
  • Edinburgh Military Tattoo (Landing, Scotland)
    Experience the Army in Scotland with music and movement in a performance created to demonstrate the wars during the 17th and 18th centuries. The drums and pipes are performed in front of the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade by 800 men and women.


Crystal Cruises Omaha Landing Beach Normandy
  • The Landing Beaches (Honfleur, France)
    Crystal Cruises’ Landing Beaches excursion includes the two all-important Utah Beach and Omaha Beach, where American troops succeeded on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Visitors can see the craters left from bombs and the memorial museums.


Crystal Cruises Saint Isaac's Cathedral St Petersburg Russia
  • St. Petersburg Cathedrals (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    The city of St. Petersburg is filled with magnificent Cathedrals, like St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest in the city. St. Isaac’s will amaze you as you walk inside to see the paintings and glass illustration of the Resurrected Christ. Also en route is St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, filled with 18th century icons and gold crosses.


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