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VOPNAFJOROUR, Iceland Cruise Port

Vopnafjordur, Iceland Cruise Port

Vopnafjordur is a small village in Iceland known for its fishing, fish processing and agricultural industries, and niche tourism. Nestled within a mountainous bay, its craggy landscapes and grassy peaks make for some outstanding scenic views. This unique backdrop was created by a great glacier sometime during the Ice Age, creating a one-of-a-kind formation. With a population below 1,000, much of the vast wilderness remains permanently untouched, with much of it uninhabitable. The village’s salmon rivers are well known as some of the most exclusive in all of Iceland. HB Grandi is the region’s largest employer, as well as the country’s largest fishing company. Their technologically advanced freezing plant and their fishmeal factory are both located in Vopnafjordur. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream prevent the village from getting too cold during the winter months, despite their extreme northern location. Because of this phenomenon, the summers are cool and comfortable.


  • An old manor, now known as Bustarfell Museum, is the largest estate in town and has housed the same family since 1532. The entire home is open to the public, including an impressively large farmhouse.
  • Witness the magnificent Gljufursarfoss Waterfall as it cascades through the grassy hills. This high, wide, large wonder of nature lies right beside a main road and easy to access.
  • One of the best known landmarks is Ljosastapi, or the Elephant. It’s nothing more than a rock pillar standing in the middle of the sea, but its elephant-like shape is distinctive and synonymous with the aged village.
  • Hellisheidi is one of eight active geothermal power plants in Iceland. The view is stunning and the tour guides are knowledgeable; they will guide you through not just the visuals, but also the process.
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