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Join Azamara for a cruise to Asia and the Pacific which will be filled with foreign delights. Step into the vigorously paced and technologically advanced Chinese lifestyle, and get ready for a culinary ride at each and every port-of-call, from the luscious traditional hibachi of Japan to the eccentric cuisine of Singapore, described by many to be the lifeblood of the region. With rich history in Vietnam (think Angkor Wat), historical war sites in Vietnam, and ancient lost cities in Thailand, Asia cruises with Azamara run the gamut from emotionally charged to, physically challenging.


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Things to Do on an Asia Cruise with Azamara


Asia is packed with people and substantial history all ready for you to discover with Azamara. On your next cruise to Asia you can discover Komodo Dragons, the giant laundry service in Mumbai and take a tour of the British influence of Hong Kong.



Azamara Club Cruises Komodo Dragon Komodo Indonesia
  • Komodo Dragon Adventure (Komodo, Indonesia)
    Head to Komodo National Park, where these pre-historic reptiles make their home. The Komodo Dragon is endangered with only 300 left in the world. These animals can get as big as 300 pounds and are fierce predators. On your visit you’ll be guided by a park ranger to see these creatures and discover the natural habitat of the island.




Azamara Club Cruises Manila Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica Philippines
  • Flavors & Treasures of Manila (Manila, Philippines)
    This is a day spent getting to know Manila and its many cultures. First you’ll tour the Walled City to see relics from the Spanish Conquistadors, then you’ll head to the San Agustin Church to learn more about the Augustinian order and see colonial-era furniture, before visiting Fort Santiago. The next part of your exploration focuses on the nation’s food culture. At Barbara’s Restaurant you’ll watch a chef make Chicken Adobo, Beef Caldereta and Halo-Halo.




Azamara Club Cruises Victoria Terminus Train Station Mumbai India
  • Mumbai on the Move (Mumbai, India)
    Discover some of India’s most important infrastructure on this Azamara excursion. You’ll start at the Gateway of India, an archway built in 1911 to mark the visit of King George V. Then you’ll head to Victoria Terminus, which was built in honor of Queen Victoria and is used by half a million people each day. You’ll then get to ride on the train to see the Dhobi Ghat, a giant open air laundry service, then you’ll visit a museum dedicated to Gandhi.




Azamara Club Cruises Elephants in Colombo Sri Lanka
  • Elephants of Pinnawala (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
    Meet the handlers and the elephants at The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, which was established to care for abandoned baby elephants. Here the elephants are fed, bathed and studied. The animals here do breed with each other and you might catch a glimpse of some baby elephants. Later you’ll have lunch at the Pinnalanda River View Restaurant.




Azamara Club Cruises view of Hong Kong China
  • Walking Tour of Old & New Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)
    Hong Kong is a massive metropolitan capital with a past filled with British influences. On this Azamara tour you’ll first learn about the colonial past at the Central District Police Station. Then you’ll take a ride on a 2,600 foot long “people mover” that will take you to the local markets. After that you’ll see some of the city’s most famous temples before taking a ferry ride across Victoria Harbour for amazing photo opportunities.




Azamara Club Cruises Peace Memorial Park Itoman Okinawa
  • Battle of Okinawa (Okinawa, Japan)
    The Battle of Okinawa was a major turning point during WWII and on this trip you will learn about the fighting here and the aftermath of the action. You’ll visit the underground Navy Headquarters of the Japanese. You’ll learn about female students and teachers that nursed soldiers at the Himeyuri Peace Museum. Then you’ll head out to the Okinawa Peace Park where there is a museum with a wonderful history of the battle and what led to it.



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