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Regent Seven Seas Cruises Northern Europe Cruises

There’s something for everyone on a Regent Seven Seas Cruises Northern Europe cruise: from the historically-inclined to the active explorer. Visit palaces, castles and quaint historic villages, or hike through valleys and view the fjords. Taste the fine cuisine of the British Isles, or do a Scottish jig over the rolling hills.  Perhaps you’ll have an exciting night at the Ice Bar in Copenhagen, or spend some time meeting high society in Sweden—anything’s possible on a cruise to Northern Europe with Regent Seven Seas Cruises.


Things to Do on a Northern Europe Cruise with Regent Seven Seas Cruises


The history in Northern Europe is enough to fill a library, so experience this exciting past through the best museums in the Baltics and the towering windmills in Amsterdam. With Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ luxury cruises to Northern Europe, you’ll also have the opportunity to get a cooking lesson in Dublin and grab a drink at a Swedish ice bar.



Regent Seven Seas Cruises Helsinki Church in the rock
  • Beautiful Haikko Manor, Nordic Walk and Sauna (Helsinki, Finland)
    Practice the sport of Nordic walking in the park that surrounds the manor. Then you can unwind in the sauna. Afterwards, visit the Rock Church, a modern building with a copper wire ceiling.




Regent Seven Seas Cruises Christ Church and Dublinia Historic Building in downtown Dublin Ireland
  • Baking Lesson at Ballyknocken (Dublin, Ireland)
    Learn about traditional Irish baking from Catherine Fulvio, the chef at the Ballyknocken Country House and Cookery School. She’ll demonstrate making scones and soda bread and then you’ll taste those treats. Before heading back to the ship you’ll tour the herb garden, house and Victorian farmhouse and take home a recipe.




Regent Seven Seas cruises windmill in Holland
  • Traditional Holland and Windmills (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Travel to Stompwijk with its three windmills to get an idea of how these beautiful spinning structures work. Then head to Delft to visit the factory where Delft Porceleyne Fles are made. Then make your way to The Hague to see the government buildings and Peace Palace where the International Court of Justice meets.




Regent Seven Seas Cruises St Marys Cathedral in old town of Gdansk Poland
  • Gdansk and Ancient Water Smith (Gdansk, Poland)
    Tour the historic buildings of Gdansk, starting at the Golden Gate and ornamental arch which was once an entrance to the walled-off city. Make your way to St. Mary’s Church which took 159 years to build. The floor of the church is covered with ancient tombstones. Then get a view of an ancient Water Smithy which helps to move heavy anvils.




Regent Seven Seas Cruises Stortorget Place in Gamla Stan Stockholm
  • Ice Bar and Old Town (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Old Town, also known as Gamla Stan, is a part of Stockholm with narrow streets and medieval buildings. During your tour you’ll see many historical buildings and the Nobel Museum, where the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature is determined each year. After your tour, get ready for a treat as you enter the world’s first permanent ice bar where everything (including the glasses) is made of ice.



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Regent Seven Seas Cruises Northern Europe Departure Ports

Learn more about each of the possible departure ports for a Northern Europe cruise with Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Your luxurious Regent Seven Seas Cruises Northern Europe cruise could depart from any of the following cities:

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