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Arendal, Norway Cruise Port

Arendal is a municipality and town that is located in Norway. It was established in the 16th century and was at that time called Arendall. At the period it did not have a formal town status. It mainly started as a trading center and from there grew to be an important industrial port and shipping center. Today, the town is known for the mechanical industry, small boat manufacturing, electronics industry and one of the biggest silicon carbide refining plants in the world. The climate of the area is mild and usually temperate and warm. It is also known for plenty of rainfall during the course of the year. Arendal has a small population whose history is connected with the sea. There are plenty of things to do at the region and places to visit which makes taking a cruise to Arendal port highly recommended.
  • The town is known for its emphasis and focus on culture. The Trinity Church (Arendal) is located in the town center and it hosts cultural activities throughout the year. The library and the city concert/hall house have both helped to greatly improve cultural life in the town.
  • Arendal is a perfect destination for people that love music. It is known for the Canal Street and Hove Festival which help promote varied kinds of music. The festivals are immensely popular and an increasing number of people attend them on an annual basis.
  • The quayside of Arendal is known as Pollen. It is regarded as the heart of the region. At the harbor, visitors are likely to encounter the fish market, and hard-working fisherman selling crabs. There are also benches that one can sit on and feed the ducks.
  • The scenery and ambience at the town is impeccable. The region offers the chance to appreciate the beautiful countryside, idyllic towns and to have a quiet and peaceful time at the hills and woods. It is also a good place to stroll and admire what nature has to offer.
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