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Viking River Cruises is far and away the leader in river cruising, which is the fastest growing segment in the travel industry. With more than 30 ships sailing on history's most significant waterways, such as the Nile, the Danube and the Yangtze, Viking offers the most widespread assortment of river cruising itineraries in the world.

Viking strives to offer engaging, thoughtful and exploration-packed itineraries to the cities and towns located along the shores of the world's major rivers. To accomplish this goal, Viking River Cruises has a qualified and dedicated staff that accompanies cruisers on city tours, museum visits and even to the symphony. They have a concierge on their river ships as well, who will make restaurant recommendations and reservations for those travelers looking to explore on their own. In addition to this are the magnificent talks and lectures that allow cruisers to delve deeper into special aspects of the region they are visiting.

While you will be traveling to beautiful destinations, you will also find yourself in modern and comfortable accommodations. The Viking fleet is expanding and growing, even as you read this. These are innovative ships designed to allow cruisers to experience the rivers in all their glory with full verandas that allow you to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you gaze at some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

As Viking River Cruises continues to expand, they look to make river cruising accessible and affordable for people who want to see the world. This means that they offer inclusive pricing. The price you pay includes your stateroom, your meals, your excursions and any pre- and post-hotel accommodations associated with your selected itinerary.

Explore the pages linked below to learn about the beautiful people, places and things you might experience while sailing aboard a Viking river ship.

Viking Experience

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Viking River Ships

    Europe Ships
  • Viking Aegir
  • Viking Atla
  • Viking Baldur
  • Viking Bragi
  • Viking Buri
  • Viking Delling
  • Viking Douro
  • Viking Embla
  • Viking Europe
  • Viking Fontane
  • Viking Forseti
  • Viking Freya
  • Viking Gullveig
  • Viking Heimdal
  • Viking Helvetia
  • Viking Hemming
  • Viking Hermod
  • Viking Idi
  • Viking Idun
  • Viking Jarl
  • Viking Kvasir
  • Viking Legend
  • Viking Lif
  • Viking Magni
  • Viking Neptune
  • Viking Njord
  • Viking Odin
  • Viking Prestige
  • Viking Pride
  • Viking Rinda
  • Viking Schumann
  • Viking Skadi
  • Viking Sky
  • Viking Spirit
  • Viking Sun
  • Viking Tor
  • Viking Torgil
  • Viking Var
  • Viking Vienna
    Asia Ships
  • Viking Emerald
  • Viking Mandalay
  • Viking Mekong
  • Viking Indochina
    Egypt Ships
  • MS Esplanade
  • MS Omar El Khayam
    Russia & Ukraine Ships
  • Viking Ryrik
  • Viking Helgi
  • Viking Ingvar
  • Viking Truvor
  • Viking Lomonosov

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