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Home to many of the most iconic archeological sites in the world, Egypt is the perfect place to enjoy a Viking Nile River cruise! With included tours at all the major historical sites, including The Sphinx, the perfectly preserved Dendera Temple and even the Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of King Tut, a Viking River Cruise on the Nile River in Africa is the best way to explore ancient history in luxurious comfort. With all the bells and whistles Viking is known for, including excellently appointed staterooms and interesting onboard activities centered around the exploration of Egypt will help you relax, learn and come home with a new appreciation for the amazing history of the civilizations along the Nile River. For more information on sailing the Nile River with Viking River cruises on a luxurious ship like Viking Osiris or Viking Ra, call our river cruising experts at 1-800-377-9383!


Your days sailing the Nile River with Viking River Cruises will be filled with world wonders, from the pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo to the expansive Temples of Esna. With Viking River Cruises, much of this is included, meaning guests have the choice of how to spend their day without spending anything extra! Keep reading for an example of the included, guided tours on a Viking River cruise in Africa:


Viking Nile River Cruise & Africa River Cruise Excursions


The Sphinx on Viking Nile River Cruise

Giza, The Sphinx and More

Dive head first into your Egyptian experience on your Viking Nile River cruise as you explore the iconic pyramids of Giza, the spectacular Sphinx and the Sakkara Step Pyramid.


Hieroglyphs in Luxor Temple on Viking Africa River Cruise

Luxor Temple Tour

Hailed as the spiritual capital of the region for centuries, the Luxor Temple is breathtakingly preserved and your tour includes a lesson on understanding the hieroglyphs that adorn the ancient walls.


Valley of the Kings, Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruise Valley of the Kings

Perhaps the most iconic site of Egyptian history, the Valley of the Kings is home to the tomb of Queen Nefertari and the minor king, major celebrity that was King Tut.


Bust in Dendera Temple in Egypt

Timeless Temple Tours

Throughout your Nile River cruise, you will have the opportunity to explore centuries-old temples in ornate Egyptian cities like the pristine Dendera Temple , the ancient Temples of Esna and the imposing towers located in the Temples of Abu Simbel.



Onboard Activities on the Nile River and Africa with Viking River Cruises


Learn about traditions and ride a camel on Viking Nile River Cruises

Onboard Cultural Curriculum

Some guests will embark knowing all there is to know about your itinerary but fear not! Dubbed as a “thinking man’s cruise,” Viking Nile River cruises include an onboard curriculum to expand your mind as you learn, in depth, about the incredible ancient Egyptians before indulging yourself ashore in traditions like riding camels.


Rendering of al fresco dining on Viking Osiris

Regional Cuisine and Al Fresco Dining

Dine on traditional Egyptian kushari (a dish of rice, noodles and a spicy tomato sauce) on the deck of a luxurious ship like Viking Osiris or Viking Ra as the sun sets on the pyramids, the same view as many pharaohs in history.


Waiter serving Viking Africa River cruise guests

Viking Service Guarantee

Far and wide, Viking has made their service excellence the norm onboard their river ships in Europe and the ships of Viking Oceans, and the rivers of Africa are no exception. You could say you’ll be treated like royalty, a pharaoh perhaps?



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Viking River Cruises Africa Departure Ports

Learn about where your Egyptian escape will begin when you choose a Nile River cruise with Viking River Cruises. This lavish experience could embark from any of the following ports:

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