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Aswan, Egypt Cruise Port

If sailing the Nile in on your bucket list, cruising to Aswan, Egypt is the stuff that dreams are made of. Watch 5,000 years in the past brought into the present, as many cruise lines offer shore excursions led by expert Egyptologists – so you can experience ruins, and tombs right out of the history books. Cruises to Egypt’s third largest city may also include private tours to the Valley of the Kings and Temple of Philae. To experience a culture that was already ancient by the time Cleopatra took her throne, a cruise along the Nile is a perfect combination of exploration and relaxation. Shoppers who thrive on challenge will love haggling with locals at colorful bazaars. Afterward, cooling off from a day in the African sun ends the day on a perfect note. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Aswan, Egypt:
  • Dabbling cooks and hard-core chefs alike shouldn’t miss the chance to obtain unique and fresh herbs and spices from the local market (souk). For the best deals, check out the older part of the bazaar.
  • The Nubian Museum (officially, the International Museum of Nubia) lets you get out of the heat and learn more about Aswan's citizens. Dedicated to Nubian culture and civilization, the museum includes 3,000 pieces of antiquities representing various ages, such as Geological, Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic. Built on a cliff, the museum gives a great view of the Nile and is flanked by a natural botanical garden, perfect for a post-museum rest.
  • Behind the Aswan Museum, there’s a path to the ruins of ancient Abu. Numbered plaques and renovated buildings guide you through the area's history, from roughly 3000 BC to the 14th century AD. The partly-reconstructed Temple of Khnum is the largest structure, and was built on honor of the God of Inundation. Other structures are equally as fascinating and descend to the river's edge, where names of Roman prefects are carved into the left-hand wall.
  • Possibly named for its tusk-like shape, Elephantine Island was known to ancient Egyptians as Abu or Yebu. It's an island of multiple archaeological sites which have uncovered such curiosities as a mummified ram of Khnum.
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