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Amman, Jordan Cruise Port

Embark on a cruise in Amman, a city that will captivate you with its diversity, charm, and warm hospitality. This destination seamlessly intertwines ancient history, contemporary culture, and breathtaking scenery, making Amman the ideal place for exploration. As the capital city of Jordan, Amman boasts numerous attractions awaiting your discovery. Here are some key highlights to savor during your cruise.
  • Explore the Citadel: An elevated archaeological site tracing its roots back to the Bronze Age. Marvel at the Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace, and the Archaeological Museum. The Citadel provides sweeping panoramic views of the city and the Roman Theatre below
  • Immerse yourself in the Royal Automobile Museum: Home to over 70 classic cars and motorcycles from King Hussein's personal collection. The museum narrates Jordan's history through vehicles used by the royal family and other dignitaries.
  • Indulge in the interactive experience offered by the Children's Museum: Catering to kids of all ages. Engage in playful learning about science, art, nature, and health. The museum features a planetarium, library, and garden.
  • Stroll along Rainbow Street: A vibrant thoroughfare in the heart of Amman. Discover cafes, restaurants, shops, galleries, and street art. Rainbow Street also hosts some of the city's oldest buildings, including the Rainbow House and the Al Pasha Turkish Bath.
  • Delight your taste buds with the local cuisine: A fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. Savor dishes like mansaf (lamb in yogurt sauce), falafel (fried chickpea balls), hummus (chickpea dip), and kunafa (cheese pastry with syrup). Don't miss the opportunity to sample some of the finest coffee and tea in the region.  

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