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Cairo, Egypt Cruise Port

Cairo, the largest city in Africa, is a vast metropolis that is built upon centuries and millennia of history. Cairo is located on the shores of the Nile River, the world’s longest river, which served as a life source to the surrounding desert landscape. Considered by many as a gateway to the ancient pyramids, Cairo offers up history for curious cruisers. However, if you’re looking for something other than ancient history, Cairo is a modern city with cultural institutions like the Opera and plenty of places to shop. Speak with one of our experts for help planning an unforgettable cruise to Cairo, Egypt.

  • Nearby Giza is where the pointed pyramids sit. These towering structures are sure to amaze with their sheer size and historical significance. At night the pyramids are illuminated with a sound and light show.
  • Tour the Egyptian Museum which stores more than 120,000 artifacts from the days of pharaohs. Here you’ll get a great overview of Egypt’s incredible past.
  • Sail on a Felucca, a small boat powered by sails and oars that is traditional to the Nile. This is especially romantic at night.
  • For further insight into Egypt, visit Pharaonic Village, which shows you what daily life was like for Egyptians along with an overview of Egyptian gods and a museum on mummification.

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