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Edfu, Egypt Cruise Port

Edfu is a city situated on the West bank of the Nile river. It is considered a popular tourist destination and is a must visit for any traveler touring Egypt. A cruise to Edfu that can be topped off with a Caleche or horse drawn carriage ride. The city itself, although well developed in infrastructure and bustling with people, is rich in history that stretches back 3,000 years. It is well preserved through its monuments and structures that gives one an up close glimpse of Egyptian architecture, culture, religion, and influential rulers that throughout history like Cleopatra and Alexander The Great. With so much to see, below are a few attractions and activities that can be enjoyed after cruising to Edfu;
  • The Temple of Horus is the best preserved temple in all of Egypt and is built from sandstone blocks dating back to the Ptolemaic Dynasty. After being welcomed by a towering pylon, explore the mysterious rooms and chambers of the temple that has walls inscribed with Egyptian mythology.
  • To the West of the temple is an Ancient Egyptian settlement known as Tell Edfu, which is an archeological treasure trove. It indicates the development of Edfu, as a population center well before the predynastic period of Egypt in its narrow, yet beautiful architectural streets.
  • Another treat to the West of Edfu, is the Edfu Pyramid ruins which is one of the seven step pyramids that can be found along the Nile Valley. It stands at a height of 5.5 meters and is built from red sandstone.
  • A more modern delight to enjoy as well, is the Sound and Light show which is both a spectacular visual and audio extravagance, as well as an entertaining informational medium. Visitors are advised to visit the show if they want to have a fun and thrilling experience.
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