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Viking River Cruises Southeast Asia Cruises

Discover a newfound taste for lemongrass and a possible blessing from a Buddhist monk with a Viking River Cruises Southeast Asia river cruise vacation. Sail the grand Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers through incredibly gorgeous countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma. Come in contact (if you dare) with Siamese crocodiles along the Mekong River. Spend some time finding your inner peace in a monastery along the Irrawaddy or gaze in awe upon one of the many beautiful pagodas. Culture, beauty, and intricate cultural sites are in your future if you choose to take a Viking River Cruises Southeast Asia cruise.


Things to Do on a Southeast Asia Cruise with Viking River Cruises


Mekong River - From the revered temple complex of Angkor Wat to the rice noodle factory in Vietnam, you’ll get a full grasp of life in Southeast Asia on a Viking River Cruise among the beautiful jungles of the Mekong River.



Viking River Cruises Halong Bay, Vietnam
  • Discover Hanoi (Hanoi, Vietnam)
    Hanoi is filled with history, art and culture. Your first stop of the day will be to the Museum of Ethnography to learn about the people and cultures that have lived in Vietnam. Then you’ll tour the Hanoi Hilton, a notorious prison for American soldiers captured during the Vietnam War. Your afternoon will take you back in time to visit the Temple of Literature and the One Pillar Pagoda.




Viking River Cruises Buddhist monks at Ta Prohm Khmer Temple, Angkor Wat
  • Angkor Wat (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
    Angkor Wat is a temple complex that was built back in the 12th century; originally it was a place for Hindus but later became a Buddhist site. The huge temple complex is surrounded by a moat and is considered both an architectural and a cultural gem. Many of the buildings are decorated with intricate carvings of human heads and animals.




Viking River Cruises Floating flower field in Sa Dec, Dong Thap, Vietnam
  • Factory Life (Sa Dec and Cai Be, Vietnam)
    This industrial region of Vietnam gives you a glimpse into the daily lives of many people in the region. You’ll see workers making rice noodles and coconut candy. You’ll also visit a floating market. In Sa Dec you will visit the house of Mr. Huynh Thuy Le, the protagonist of Marguerite Duras’ novel The Lover. At night on your river ship you’ll watch a movie based on Graham Green’s novel The Quiet American set in Saigon in 1952.



Irrawaddy River - Viking Rivers invites you to discover Myanmar (also known as Burma), newly open to tourism cruising along Irrawaddy River. Be one of the firsts to see this mysterious land seemingly untouched by time, with its amazing number of pagodas, ancient temples and hidden jewels of Southeast Asia.



Viking River Cruises Sunset in Bagan, Myanmar
  • Ancient Pyu (Thayetmyo, Myanmar)
    Explore the excavations of the palace city of Pyu which was an early center of Buddhism. Pyu was known for stupas or pagodas built here between the 5th and 8th centuries. In the afternoon you’ll visit Thayetmyo, which was the border between Royal Myanmar and British Myanmar.




Viking River Cruises Temples in Bagan, Myanmar
  • Temples, Pagodas and Monasteries (Bagan, Myanmar)
    Uncover the land of temples in Bagan. This area was once littered with buildings and now there are 3,000 left to explore. Today you will explore Dhammayangyi, one of the best preserved temples in Myanmar. You’ll also visit a lacquerware workshop. Lacquer is a substance that adds a hard and glossy surface to furniture and other wares.




Viking River Cruises Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bright Lights (Bangkok, Thailand)
    Explore the intersection of the ancient and the new in Bangkok, Thailand. This crowded metropolis is famous for its brightly decorated monasteries and temples, but it is also known for its wild nightlife. In the daytime, explore the Grand Palace and at night take in a puppet show and a night market.



Yangtze River - Visit the wondrous land of China on a Yangtze River cruise with Viking Rivers. You’ll spend hours amazed at the collections at the Forbidden City, and be in awe of the handicraft that went into the Terracotta Warriors.



Viking Rivers Forbidden City tour Beijing China
  • Forbidden City (Beijing, China)
    The Forbidden City is no longer forbidden. It’s open to visitors and offers thousands of artifacts to help tourists uncover the massive history of China. Inside the complex you’ll find gardens, along with pavilions and gates. Inside are 50,000 paintings, 340,000 pieces of ceramics and porcelain, 10,000 pieces of bronzeware and 30,000 pieces of jade.




Viking River Cruises Terracotta Warriors in Xian, China
  • Terracotta Warriors (Xian, China)
    Visit the mausoleum where China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, was buried with thousands of life-sized terracotta warriors and horses. This site was only recently discovered in the 1970s. This amazing find shows the incredible craftsmanship of the ancient Chinese and helps researchers learn more about Chinese traditions.




Viking Rivers Yuyuan Garden Shanghai China
  • Yuyuan Garden (Shanghai, China)
    Explore the Yuyuan Garden, which dates back to China’s Ming Dynasty. The garden is laid out over five acres and offers six general areas. On this expanse you’ll find serene spots to reflect on your Viking river cruise and on the Chinese culture. The garden’s most treasured piece is the Jade Rock, a 5-ton boulder.



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