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Kampong Cham, Cambodia Cruise Port

Cruising through the Aegean Sea will bring you to the port of Kalymnos, Greece, which is like floating in a sun-soaked postcard. With its backdrop of mountains, green valleys, and blue waters, you relax at the beach or enjoy foods such as spinialo (devilfish and urchins in sea water). Located between the islands of Kos and Leros, it's the third most populous with around 16,000 residents. An ancient island which once had a temple to Apollo, this and other artefacts were excavated in the 19th century by archaeologist Charles Newton and added to the British Museum’s collection. A main source of wealth came from harvesting sponges from the sea floor, which has since substantially diminished in recent years. Tourism is now a main industry, and a statue of Poseidon in the capital of Pothia greets visitors. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Kalymnos, Greece:
  • One of the most famous sights is the Ko Paen Bamboo Bridge. Not far from the modern bridge, it's a lot sturdier than it looks and can even hold a truck's weight. It's fun to walk, but even more fun to bike across. It's rebuilt during the dry season each year, as the river rises enough during the wet season to damage it beyond use.
  • Once across the bridge, you'll reach the lovely Koh Paen Island. Here you'll get a taste of rural life and see the locals' traditional wooden homes, plantations with produce available for purchase, and sandbars that appear during dry season.
  • One of the most popular Buddhist temples here is Wat Nokor. Built around the 11th century, it contains Angkor architecture and elaborate wall paintings. Parts of it are open for tourists; you may have to ask one of the monks milling about for access if everything is otherwise closed off.
  • The French Tower was once used for keeping an eye on river traffic and provides an amazing view from the top. The stairs are more of a metal ladder, however, and those who don't like heights may want to view the tower from bridge instead.

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