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CONFLICT ISLANDS, Papua New Guinea Cruise Port

With only moonlight to guide them, the HMS Cormorant first sighted the Conflict Island in 1879. A year later they were given their name by the captain of the HMS Conflict which had more time and the proper equipment to study the isles in depth. Irai is the largest and most populated island in the group while the smaller Panasesa has an eco-resort that employs a small staff. There are a total of 21 individual islands in the formation and they sit above one of the most biodiverse reef systems in the entire world. Irai alone boasts the world’s second best coral with the most number of individual species noted during a single dive. All 21 of the islands and the lagoon in which they exist are currently under consideration to become a World Heritage Marine Site. As a tropical oasis, the islands are perfect for water activities such as swimming, diving, and subterranean exploration.


  • Panasesa, the second largest island in the group, is open for private hire to tourist groups and has a resort club house, private bungalows, and a small aerial runway.
  • The Conflict Islands house a third of the world’s marine fish species. The different fish range from the tiniest ghost pipe fish to gigantic killer whales.
  • Popular maritime activities in and around the islands include scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. Of particular interest are trips aboard glass-bottom boats so travelers can see the myriad of diverse sea creatures.
  • If feeling adventurous, a good hike around the island will take you up close to the deactivated oceanic volcano that formed the island group thousands of years ago.

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