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Christmas Island, Republic of Kiribati Cruise Port

Christmas Island is a coral atoll located in the northern Pacific Ocean and is part of Kiribati, a.k.a. the Republic of Kiribati. The atoll is also situated near a lagoon that surrounds the coral features while being tucked away from the currents of the mighty ocean. Many cruise ships take advantage of the lagoon to dock away from the port where their passengers will be tendered ashore. Christmas and its sister island, Fanning, are known as the Line Islands. While originally colonized in 1919, they didn’t start receiving an influx of tourism until a few decades ago. Because of its mass amounts of coral, diving is a popular recreational activity for visitors, as well as big trophy and fly fishing. Bonefish fishing is particularly recommended by the local fisher-people. Other activities include windsurfing, snorkeling and swimming, to name a few.


  • Guests to the island are often wowed by the Kiribati people’s unique style of folk music that involves chanting and other distinct vocal patterns, accompanied by body percussion.
  • The islanders often welcome tourists to their home by presenting them with their special island dance. Modeled after the Frigate bird on their national flag, the dances begin in a standing or even sitting position and involve limited and staggered movement.
  • Bairiki National Stadium is home to Kiribati’s national football (soccer) team which is a member of the Oceanic Football Confederation, although not yet recognized by FIFA.
  • There are numerous places to rent bicycles on the island which offer a unique way to explore many of the area’s interlocking trails, main roads and quiet coves.

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