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Oceania Cruises to Asia bring guests through a whole new world of mesmerizing sights and sounds. You’ll discover a delightful realm of new customs and cuisines while touring some of the most remarkable cities in the world, like Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok and Hanoi, plus several smaller cities throughout the Far East. With Oceania Cruises, your Asia cruise vacation could carry you from the aqua waters and lush jungles of Southeast Asia along the coasts of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam all the way to China and Japan. Along the way, Oceania Cruises’ well-trained staff will see to your every need while you focus on taking in all the new cultural experiences and historical highlights of your journey through Asia. You could spend a day at the Great Wall of China, tour the ornate temples and shrines of Thailand’s Grand Palace and ride around Ho Chi Minh City upon a pedicab, and then return each evening to your luxurious Oceania cruise ship to continue your journey through Asia.


Things to Do on an Asia Cruise with Oceania Cruises


Oceania Cruises’ Asia voyages offer a unique way to see Asia’s most impressive landmarks and cities, while also guiding you on a culinary and cultural journey of a lifetime. Asia itineraries from Oceania Cruise highlight cities both big and small, and it’s impossible to return unchanged from the line’s various enriching and immersive shore excursions. Discover relics of ancient dynasties, explore Vietnam War tunnels, relax on exotic beaches and wander through serene gardens. Featured below are just a few of the rewarding ways to spend your time when cruising through Asia with Oceania Cruises:


Palaces in Bangkok
  • Grand Palace Tour (Bangkok, Thailand)
    Spend the day touring one of the most recognizable palaces in the world, the Grand Palace of Bangkok, which features the Emerald Buddha Temple. This fascinating complex of temples, shrines and statues was constructed in the 18th century. Most impressive of the palace’s treasures is the giant Buddha statue made from a solid chunk of jade.



Kyoto, Japan
  • Mt. Rokko Observation and Tour (Kyoto, Japan)
    Ride a cable rail car to the summit of the 3,000-foot Mt. Rokko and make your way to the nearby observation point for breathtaking view of the city and bay down below. Upon your departure of Mt. Rokko, you’ll visit the Sake Brewery Museum to learn about the region’s rich history of sake brewing.




Cu Chi Tunnels of Vietnam
  • Cu Chi Tunnels (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
    When cruising to Vietnam with Oceania, take some time to explore the nation’s war-torn history with an Oceania Exclusive tour of the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels. You’ll have a chance to enter sections of this large network of tunnels which was used as a hideout and shelter for thousands Vietcong.




Tokyo Tower in Japan
  • Meiji Shrine and Tokyo Tower (Tokyo, Japan)
    Journey from Tokyo into the nearby forests to visit the serene Meiji Shrine, which lies just beyond the stoic Torii Gate. After some reflective time spent at the shrine, make your way to the Tokyo Tower where you can ride the elevator up to the 500-foot Grand Observation Platform.




Halong Bay in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Ha Long Bay Cruise (Hanoi, Vietnam)
    Board a small junk to sail out on Vietnam’s scenic Ha Long Bay. Keep your camera at the ready because this tour will take you along the countless beautiful islands, arches, cliffs and rock formations that rise up out of the mist. And don’t forget to look down or you’ll miss the white sand beaches stretching out from the blue waters.




The Great Wall of China
  • Walk the Great Wall of China (Beijing, China)
    Drive through China’s scenic northern country on your way to Huangyaguan to explore one of the most well-preserved sections of the Great Wall of China. It’s one thing to see a picture of The Great Wall, but there’s no comparison for standing upon the wide upper walkway and looking off into the distance as this marvel stretches for mile after mile.



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Learn more about each of the possible departure ports for an Asia cruise with Oceania Cruises. Your Oceania Cruises Asia cruise could begin in any of the following cities:

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