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Cheju City, South Korea Cruise Port

Jeju is South Korea’s largest island and is located in Jeju Province, directly south of Jeolla Province, and within the Korean Strait where the Yellow Sea meets the South China Sea. It is among the country’s top tourist destinations and is hugely popular among Chinese tourists. The climate is moderate, even in winter where the temperature seldom falls below freezing. Because of its ideal weather and ample size—over 700 square miles—the full-time population is over 600,000 people. The port welcomes hundreds of cruise ships every year and performers often greet docking passengers with cultural performances. The island has a number of tall mountains, the highest of which—Mount Hallasan—stretches 6,400 feet into the air. Some of the big tourist draws include: hiking trails, unique museums, a sex-themed sculpture park, and the Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes, an inactive volcanic island off the coast and designated UNICEF World Heritage Site.


  • For a challenging, yet rewarding hike, Mount Hallasan, the island’s tallest peak, will take even the most experienced hikers multiple hours and thousands of steps to reach the apex. From there, the panoramic and beautifully scenic views are magnificent.
  • The stunning Hamdeok Beach has miraculously soft sand and peaceful waters as well as a number of nearby trails with friendly horses and goats standing by to greet passersby.
  • Experience the crisp air and tranquil walks through Jeju’s Bijarim Forest. The trees are beautiful any time, but particularly during the autumn months. Also look for the black stone formations of volcanic rock and the soft red soil.
  • The peaceful and serene Spirited Garden is a sight to behold with its outstanding flora and mesmerizing statues. Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of tea made from the garden’s fruit.

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