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Tokushima, Japan Cruise Port

At the mouth of the Yoshino River near the Kii Channel is the cruise port of Tokushima, Japan, located on Shikoku Island. The capital city of Japan's Tokushima Prefecture, the modern version of the city was founded in 1889 and developed under the Hachisuka clan. Typically a stopping point on the way to the city of Shikoku on the east coast, Tokushima is a fascinating tourist draw in its own right, with plenty of history and culture to offer. One of the reasons it became a major city was because of indigo dye, used in patterns for items such as scarves, door curtains, and cushions. Food lovers have many different options as far as cuisine, including strawberries and sudachi (a green citrus fruit with a lime-like flavor), and sugata sushi (an entire fish stuffed with sushi rice). Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Tokushima, Japan:
  • The fascinating museum called Awa Odori Kaikan gives a comprehensive look at the Awa Odori Festival, a Buddhist celebration where the spirits of the dead visit their living family members for a few days each year. Here you can see videos of the festival, along with a live performance onsite. Audience members are even encouraged to get on stage and join the dancers.
  • The museum is near the foot of Mount Bizan (whose name is the kanji symbol for eyebrow), which is spectacular during cherry blossom time. A ride up the Bizan Ropeway (the mountain's cable car) rewards visitors with gorgeous views of the city below, along with Awaji Island on a clear day.
  • Visit the ruins of the Tokushima Castle to get a taste of history. Inoyama Castle was originally built here in 1385, and eventually expanded and renamed. It’s on a hilltop near Chuo Park where you'll find a lovely traditional Japanese garden and the castle museum, along with what's left of the castle and another amazing view.
  • Tokushima is home to part of the 88 Temple Pilgrimages (the starting point is Ryozenji, a bit north). Here you'll find temples 14 through 17: Jorakuji, Kokubunji, Kan'onji, and Idoji.

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