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Beijing, China Cruise Port

Beijing has been a prominent capital in Asia for centuries, dating back as far as 221 B.C. In that time it has grown and evolved and its name has changed from Ji to Yanjing to Nanjing to Beiping and several other names in between. In its most recent history, Beijing has been modernizing – especially as the city prepared for the 2008 Olympics with new stadiums and arenas. Vacationers cruise to Beijing to experience all of the city’s great architecture, both new and old. The people of Beijing are prospering too as an economic boom has created a new middle class that are spending money on designer goods. Despite a move toward the modern, this city still has a plethora of ancient artifacts to uncover, including the most revered Forbidden City which was China’s seat of power during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Cruise to Beijing for one of the most expansive Asian vacation experiences.

  • Take a ride out to the incredible Great Wall of China, which is an hour away by train. This wall was built during four periods to protect unified China from foreign invaders.
  • Acrobatics date back to 206 BC in China, where they were performed during festivals. This artful sport has been passed on over the centuries and now you can watch acrobatic shows when in Beijing.
  • Visit the Forbidden City, a large complex of buildings dating back to the 1400s. Here you will see where Chinese rulers lived and explore collections of jade, ceramics and paintings.
  • Check out the amazing buildings built for the 2008 Summer Olympics by visiting the Olympic Park at night to catch a water and light show at the Water Cube.
  • Get a street treat in Wangfujing, where you can find a wide array of snacks, including everything from meat kebabs and candied fruits to seahorse and scorpions.

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