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Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Cruise Port

Taiohae is a town on the island of Nuku Hiva in the French Polynesia. Nuku Hiva is the largest of the Marquesas Islands. Taiohae is situated on a volcanic crater, which has partially collapsed into the ocean hence forming a bay. Taiohae is located on the Southern part of the island and acts as its administrative center. Latest studies and evidence suggest that humans began arriving at the island approximately 2,000 years ago from Samoa. The sparsely populated island is covered in lush vegetation with numerous archaeological sites and awe-inspiring natural landscapes. Taiohae is an important part of the island that serves many functions. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, experiences, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas:
  • Individuals with a knack for adventure would surely enjoy exploring the many diving spots that the region has to offer. Whether it is the Ekamako Cave, Matateiko Point or the Sentinel and Hammer, all these spots offer a wonderful diving experience.
  • Visitors should go for marine excursions on a boat. A person can go on a boat trip along the cliffs and explore the region in a fun and exciting way. The experience is complimented with the waves pounding on the rocks, which makes the excursion more exciting.
  • Nature enthusiasts are bound to enjoy a cruise to the island due to its natural elements and features. The natural landscape of the island is simply breath taking. At Hakaui Waterfall, a person can witness water flowing down from three hundred and fifty meters high.
  • Visitors should not pass up the chance to visit the public market, which starts operating from 7:30 a.m. in the morning. Here, people can purchase a variety of items such as wood carvings, vanilla beans, coconut soaps, woven hats, baskets, and black pearls.

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