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Fatu Hiva, French Polynesia Cruise Port

Fatu Hiva is among the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. Of the fifteen islands in the chain, it is the one furthest south and holds fewer than 700 of the islands’ almost 9,500 combined inhabitants. Fatu Hiva’s highest point of elevation—lying atop the Tauauoho mountain ridge—is around 3,700 feet above sea level, while the island’s total land mass has an area of almost 53 square miles. At the central plateau there is an abundance of tall grass surrounded by the Pandanus—informally Screwpine—trees which are not dissimilar to palm trees and bear an astringent fruit that grows exclusively in Australia and the Pacific Islands. The eastern coastline is composed of narrow valleys that were carved over many years by small streams navigating toward the island. Above these streams are a number of scalable cliffs that hang well above the waters below and offer stunning views from all around.


  • Sailing or boating among the small streams among the cliffs attracts a number of tourists; since the streams are so narrow, it’s a far more intimate journey after exploring wide open areas on a larger cruise ship.
  • The Bay of Virgins is a group of pinnacle rocks—also called curtains—that enclose the bay, making the water and surrounding shores extremely calm and tranquil.
  • The plateaued areas are perfect for exploring the island’s tropical flora and fauna, and are wonderful places to hike, explore and be one with nature.
  • Many cruise ships explore a number of the Marquesas Islands on a continuous tour around the chain. While none visit all fifteen islands, the most populous and beautiful islands are often on the agenda.

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