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Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia Cruise Port

Tahuata is a small island in French Polynesia. It is the smallest inhabited island among the Marquesas Islands. The island forms the municipality of Tahuata with its main center being Vaitahu, which is a settlement located on the Western part of the island. Archaeological evidence suggests that the island was originally inhabited by the Polynesians as far back as 200 CE, however, the island was first recorded by the Europeans in the year 1595. The records also indicate that Tahuata had plenty of nuts and fruits, as well as fish and fowls. Mount Amatea is the highest point on the island. Below are some of the interesting and recommended activities, attractions, and experiences that tourists could enjoy after cruising to Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia:
  • Visitors should visit Hapatoni, which is a village on the island. It is known for the royal road, which is one of the main attractions of the village. It is a paved road that was constructed on the orders of Queen Vaekehu II.
  • Adventurers should definitely make their way to Hanahevane Bay. It is a glorious beautiful bay, which is accessible only by boat. It has calm, shallow waters and some coral formations. These aspects make it an ideal spot for snorkeling in the region.
  • History lovers and archaeology enthusiasts should visit the small museum located in Vaitahu. Admission is free and visitors can get to see various archaeological items such as stone pestles and fish hooks, and learn more about their history as well as that of the region.
  • People that love architecture will be fascinated by the monumental stone Catholic church, which is located opposite the seafront. It has interesting wood carvings and striking stained-glass windows. The church was opened in 1988 and reflects the importance of the island in the evangelization of the island group.

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