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Bau Bau, Indonesia Cruise Port

Located on the southern part of the Sulawesi region and bordering the Burton Strait, Bau-Bau is the main city on Indonesia’s Burton Island. With a population of around 450,000, the island is the 19th biggest in Indonesia and the 129th biggest in the entire world. Bau-Bau is mostly covered in rainforest and tourists love its overwhelming wildlife. It’s one of only two habitats of the anoa buffalo and has huge reserves of natural asphalt and other raw minerals such as teak and ironwood. Their well-known asphalt is known as Buton or Butas Asphalt. The locals often conduct ceremonies, celebrations, and folk events which welcome honored guests. Any visitors are welcomed to indulge in the feasts they prepare as they watch the locals perform traditional dances. There are a fair number of beaches along the coastline and the waters are warm and perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Beyond the beaches there is wilderness to hike through and explore.


  • Visit the impressive Buton Fortress, which is not only tall, but can take up to an hour to walk around. There are villages both inside and outside the walls, and locals and visitors alike can pass through the gates freely.
  • The giant Dragon Statue hosts a charming night market most evenings and is an ideal place to sample the local food and peruse the many pop-up shops.
  • Take a walk to Nirwana Beach and enjoy the exciting view and calming breeze. There are cabanas and grills available for leisure and cooking if you bring your own food.
  • For a bit of the modern, venture to Lippo Plaza. While it may be small, it does have a supermarket, movie theater, hospital, and quaint little shops.

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