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Lembar, Indonesia Cruise Port

East of Bali, you’ll find the stunning Indonesian island known as Lombok, known for its picturesque tropical settings and excellent surfing. Lombok's cruise port of Lembar is the main harbor in the Bali Sea where ferries and tankers arrive and depart, but the green hills and bluest of waters may entice you to stay put instead of hopping off to Bali or elsewhere. Lombok is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, and while the Dutch largely took over the eastern half of the island, the western half remained under the influence of Balinese Hindus; the temples on the island are reminders that this is a world of multiple influences. Noted for beautiful ikat hand-woven textiles and low-key indigenous people, this is an area that has many villages whose residents are adept at pottery and weaving. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Lembar, Indonesia:
  • One of the best beaches is Senggigi Beach, which will require a small trek. Coming from Lembar, it's easy to get a shuttle to this well-established resort area. A famous Hindu temple is nearby: Pura Batu Bolong, which means "Rock with a hole."
  • Thanks to the clear waters and tropical temperatures, snorkeling is a popular activity. There are plenty of companies that can take you out and rent you equipment so you can take a look at the colorful marine life and coral reefs up close.
  • With many villages offering their own handcrafted goods for sale, this is a chance for shoppers to find unique items as gifts (or to keep). From silk ikat to woven baskets and antiques, prices are generally competitive.
  • If you do opt to get off the island, there are many companies that can get you to the motor-vehicle-free Gili Islands off the west coast. Here you can enjoy even some peace and quiet while swimming or snorkeling, and even visit a sea turtle hatchery.
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