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Panama Canal Cruises

The Panama Canal offers a special vacation experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Cruise to the Panama Canal for marvels, majestic creatures and magnificent native cultures. Experience the thrill of your cruise ship being lifted and lowered 170 feet by the man-made canal’s famous locks, and gaze upon the enormity of this stunning feat of engineering. Head ashore for interaction with the Embera Indian Villages, or possibly a heart-racing zip line through the jungle, where you can view rare species and breathtaking forestry.

Cruise to the Panama Canal for an unforgettable vacation.



Things to Do on a Cruise to the Panama Canal


Sailing through the man-made Panama Canal provides cruisers with a true appreciation for engineering. It’s hard to believe that 100 years ago, before computers, and before cars were even a widespread mode of transportation, America had the capability to connect the Atlantic to the Pacific and in the process create a gigantic lock system. When cruising through the Panama Canal, you’ll not only have a chance to appreciate this engineering marvel, but also the wonderful natural beauty surrounding the canal. Featured below are some of the best things to do when cruising through the Panama Canal:



Old Panama City
  • Explore the history of Panama when you venture into Panama City. The Old City was founded in 1519 by the Spanish who set up base here as they were searching for gold in the area.
  • Learn about the important role that gold played in Panama’s past at the Old Panama Museum. Next you can explore the modern day gold handicrafts at the Reprosa, a showroom and workshop for local artisans.


Savegre River whitewater rafting
  • Train travel was at one time the most effective way of traveling from place to place. Ride in a railway car that has been restored to its 1938 glory. While riding you’ll see lots of interesting sights and learn about the important role the railway played in constructing the canal.
  • Though outside of Panama, many canal cruises include visits to Costa Rica. Looking for adventure? The Savegre River offers exciting trips for white water rafters.
Gatun Locks Observation Center, Panama Canal
  • The Gatun Locks Observation Center provides an in-depth view for those interested in the immense locks. You can watch as ships enter and exit the Gatun Locks, which takes about 10 minutes.
  • Surrounding the canal are dense rainforests. Be sure to take a tour through this amazing environment on the aerial tram that gives you a unique perspective. There are also exhibits about some of the wildlife, including butterflies and reptiles, along with a beautiful orchid garden.


Map of the Panama Canal:

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Panama Canal: Cruise Lines

Though less than 100 miles long the Panama Canal is an impressive waterway that has changed your life for the better. Experience a popular or luxury cruise through the canal to get a real idea of its significance.

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Panama Canal: Departure Ports

The Panama Canal is a man-made waterway that connects two oceans. This incredible 48-mile passageway is an engineering marvel that took several attempts to complete. When you sail through you really get a sense of the magnitude of the project, which was completed in 1914. To cruise through the Panama Canal you can leave from either the East Coast or the West Coast. There are cruises that leave from Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco or Los Angeles. 

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