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Azamara Panama Canal Cruises

Sail with Azamara Club Cruises to the Panama Canal, Central America and California and see one of mankind’s finest architectural achievements. Stand out on the decks and watch the massive vessel make its way through a groundbreaking structural marvel that has shaped centuries of trade. Immerse yourself in the excitement of Central American culture, where you can enjoy the Afro-Caribbean music of Puerto Limon, or the relatively untouched natural environment of La Paz. Add in a San Francisco treat and the laidback atmosphere of Santa Barbara, and you’ve got a gem of a vacation—so cruise to the Panama Canal, Central American and California with Azamara Club Cruises.


Things to Do on a Panama Canal Cruise with Azamara Club Cruises


Traverse the historic Panama Canal with Azamara and you will encounter the amazing locales of Costa Rica, where you can whitewater raft, meet exotic animals and learn about the local crafts.


Azamara Club Cruises view of the Panama Canal
  • Expansion of the Panama Canal – Past and Present (Fuerte Amador, Panama)
    Get up close and personal with the Gatun Locks at the Panama Canal. These locks were designed 100 years ago and still manage to help thousands of goods easily transfer this important waterway, every day. On this excursion you will learn about how the locks work and go to the Expansion Observatory Platform to see how this waterway is expanding to accommodate bigger ships.


Azamara Club Cruises Punta Uva Puerto Viejo Costa Rica
  • Reventazon White Water Rafting (Puerto Limon, Costa Rica)
    Strap in for a fun adventure as you raft down Class II rapids. On your boat you will get the experience of going through the exciting rapids, but you’ll also have a chance to relax on the parts where the river is gentler. Along the way you’ll see lots of wonderful wildlife and you’ll stop for a snack along the river bank.


Azamara Club Cruises Mardi Gras Mask and beads
  • Mardi Gras Madness (New Orleans, Louisiana)
    Mardi Gras and New Orleans go together like peanut butter and jelly, or cheese and crackers. Since 1699 the city has been celebrating Fat Tuesday, the day before the start of Lent. On this trip you’ll walk along the parade route looking at the mansions of the city’s Garden District. Your guide will share the history of the celebration, along with some notable stories. Then you’ll visit Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World where many floats are stored for future parades.


Azamara Club Cruises Blue Morpho Butterfly
  • Golfito National Wildlife Refuge (Golfito, Costa Rica)
    This park stands out because many of the species that call it home are not found north of here, meaning they are mostly from South America, and this is the furthest North they’ll live. Here you’ll find colorful butterflies, playful monkeys, slithering reptiles and beautiful orchids. The site is 6,944 acres and was originally created by the Banana Company of Costa Rica.


Azamara Club Cruises snuba sealife in Key Largo Florida
  • Snuba of Key West (Key West, Florida)
    Snuba, which is not as in-depth as SCUBA, but slightly more involved than snorkeling is a great way to see the beautiful sea creatures that live off the coast of Key West. On this trip you’ll head out on a catamaran where you can sun bathe or rest in the shade and drink some water. Then you’ll enter the water and be able to breathe through a regulator connected to an air tank. Get ready for an amazing show underwater where the most colorful fish dwell.


Azamara Club Cruises Traditional Costa Rican Home with ox cart
  • Picturesque Sarchi (Caldera, Costa Rica)
    Sarchi is considered a center for craftsmanship in Costa Rica. Here you’ll find the Eloy Alfaro Oxcart Factory. The factory started in 1923 when oxcarts were the best way of transporting coffee to the port. Unlike most oxcarts, these are painted with bright colors and become a source of pride for their owner. You will visit the factory to see artisans painting and also doing work with wood, leather and other mediums. You’ll also enjoy a tropical fruit buffet.


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Azamara Panama Canal Departure Ports

Learn more about each of the possible departure ports for a Panama Canal cruise with Azamara Club Cruises. Your Azamara Club Cruises Panama Canal cruise could embark from any of the following cities:

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