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One of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World, the Panama Canal is a truly stunning feat of engineering, and it also happens to be a phenomenal cruise route. Providing easy access to Central and South American countries on both sides of the continent, Panama Canal cruises offer up cultural and ecological wonders found nowhere else on earth. Experience this world changing waterway which is now 100 years old when you book a Panama Canal cruise with The Cruise Web. This page has a number of  Panama Canal cruise deals and special offers.

You can find Panama Canal cruise deals that sail from East to West or vice versa. There are also cruises that go into the Panama Canal but turn around halfway, allowing you to sail roundtrip. As you cruise through the locks, you’ll be in awe learning about all the energy and effort that went into creating this waterway. The Cruise Web is your home for Panama Canal deals and promotions. 

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