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Princess Cruises World Cruises

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the world in a grand voyage? There’s nothing so alluring as the idea of traveling to multiple countries and immersing into diverse cultures with a Princess Cruises World Cruise. You could learn a new language in Asia, in a country you’ve only seen in books. You could hike through the hills of Tuscany, sampling some of the freshest and most delicious ingredients of Italian cuisine. You could even learn a new sport, cricket, while cruising down the coast of Australia and New Zealand. Diversify your life and travel the world with a Princess Cruises World Cruise.


Things to Do on a World Cruise with Princess Cruises


As you cruise the world with Princess Cruises, each region will offer new and exciting cruise excursion opportunities. Make sure you optimize your cruise and try unique activities everywhere you go. Imagine entering an ancient world that housed a legendary civilization in the Acropolis in Athens, or filling yourself with the beauty of artistic expression while strolling through the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. Bermuda beaches, New England harbors, volcanoes and so much more—talk to your cruise consultant about setting up cruise excursions for your world cruise with Princess Cruises.



Princess Cruises the museum Picassos Cloister in Barcelona Spain
  • Picasso Museum (Barcelona, Spain)
    Discover the work of the greatest artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso. The museum highlights the artistic and cultural legacy of the Spanish artist, like the paintings Still Life and The Red Armchair.




Princess Cruises Mayas Cove Horseshoe Bay beach Bermuda
  • Horseshoe Bay Beach (Bermuda)
    The uniqueness of Bermuda’s Horseshoe Bay is revealed from the clean, soft beach with specks of pink sand and its horseshoe shape. Amenities for visiting this beach are available for visitors for an extra relaxation factor.




Princess Cruises view of the Acropolis
  • Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
    Tour this ancient sanctuary of historically significant buildings, including the Parthenon. Tour guides will focus on the best sites throughout the driving or walking tour of the citadel.




Princess Cruises-Taj Mahal on a bright and clear day
  • Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal (Mumbai, India)
    Spend a few days traveling inland to visit the amazing Taj Mahal. This site built in 1653 is covered with marble and precious stones. Many revere the building as a monument to love because it was built to memorialize Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife, who died bearing his 14th child.




Princess Cruises the stream outside the Waitomo Glowworm caves
  • Waitomo Glowworm Grotto (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Inside a cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites you’ll board a canoe to head into the cave’s grotto, where overhead you’ll see the amazing blue-green glow of glowworms that twinkle like stars in the sky. After this experience, taste a home cooked meal at the Cross Hills Farm.




Princess Cruises night time view of the Basilica and old town in Quito Ecuador
  • Ivory Nut Factory and Montecristi (Quito, Ecuador)
    Travel to Montecristi, a small town in Ecuador where the Panama hat was invented and is still made. The hats gained popularity with prospectors during the California gold rush. Montecristi is also the home of a rainforest where a certain tree creates the ivory nut which resembles ivory and is used to make all manners of things like dice, knobs and chess pieces. Visit an ivory nut factory to see how the nut becomes a figurine or jewelry.



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Learn more about the different departure ports for a world cruise with Princess Cruises. Your Princess Cruises world cruise could embark from any of the following cities:

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