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Yatsushiro, Japan Cruise Port

Yatsushiro is a city, which is situated in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It is located in Yatsushiro Sea in between Ashikita City and Kumamoto. In 2005, the city absorbed the towns of Sencho and Kagami, and the villages of Toyo, Izumi, and Sakamoto to create the expanded and new city of Yashushiro. It is famous locally for several dishes and products. The city has multiple landmarks and attractions that visitors appreciate. The area is a popular tourist destination that offers a lot of interesting things to do in the region. It also hosts different fun festivals on an annual basis. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Yatsushiro, Japan will enjoy:
  • One of the festivals worth attending is the Myokensai Festival. It is held on the 23rd of November annually. The festival is known for many things including the parade of horses through the streets. At the festival, people can learn more about the culture and history of the region.
  • Yatsushiro Fireworks Festival is regarded as one of the largest festivals dedicated to fireworks in Kyushu. Multiple firework companies enter and take part in the festival in order to showcase their designs. Visitors will have fun at the festival and will surely be fascinated by the stunning firework displays.
  • Sendantodoro falls is one of the highest falls in Kumamoto Prefecture, and is definitely worth visiting. A nice deep pool can be found at the bottom where a person can swim. The area is simply beautiful and the atmosphere is good.
  • The Kumagawa festival, which is held in August is an important event held in the region annually. The festival is mainly held to celebrate Kumagawa River, which flows through Yatsushiro. Dancing in the streets is a big part of the festival. Visitors will have a wonderful time at the festival.

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