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Taste some of the most unique cuisine in the world and discover ancient cultures that thrill with a cruise to Southeast Asia and India onboard a Princess Cruises vacation. Step into the “Venice of the East with a stop in Bangkok, where you can find beautiful and elegant silken clothes, custom-designed. Take your taste buds for a ride with some Dim Sum in Hong Kong, experience the thrilling historical grandeur of Ho Chi Minh City, interact with diverse peoples the Land of the Rising Sun—do it all during a cruise to Southeast Asia and India.


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Princess Cruises' Celebrating 10 Years in Japan

In 2024, Princess Cruises will celebrate 10 years sailing in Japan, featuring departures from Tokyo (Yokohama) to 35 destinations in three countries. Explore the history, culture, cuisine and scenic wonders of Japan with the #1 North American Cruise Line in Japan. Check out Princess' 2024 Japan cruising resources below, and call 1-800-377-9383 to learn more.
 - 2024 Japan at a Glance (PDF)
 - 2024 Japan Cruise Guide (PDF)


Things to Do on an Asia Cruise with Princess Cruises


Many memories and special moments lie ahead in your cruise excursions in Southeast Asia when you’re cruising with Princess Cruises. Imagine a scenic cruise filled with landmarks and beautiful sights. Delve into the Forbidden City in Beijing, which holds the history of Chinese Dynasties. Or, bring the whole family to the Singapore Zoo where you can head out for an authentic safari adventure or immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the rainforest. Take a look at some of the sample Princess Cruises excursions below, or call our consultants to learn about more.



Princess Cruises happy parrot in Jurong Bird Park Singapore
  • Jurong Bird Park (Singapore)
    Home to more than 9,000 birds, Jurong Bird Park is the most colorful and largest bird sanctuary in the world! Walk through the jungle with amazement at the abundance of birds inhabiting the park.




Princess Cruises a chimpanzee pan troglodytes at the Singapore zoo
  • Singapore Zoo (Singapore)
    Fun for the whole family, the Singapore Zoo is famous for its safari adventures, and its beautiful rainforest attractions. With everything from shows, feedings, kid programs, dining and shopping, there are endless activities to fill up your day of exploring the animals of Southeast Asia.




Princess Cruises Forbidden City in Beijing China
  • Forbidden City (Beijing, China)
    The historical past of Chinese Dynasties unfolds in the Forbidden City as a central attraction in Beijing. You can explore the large public square and dine in Beijing’s best restaurants.




Princess Cruises the Great Wall of China
  • Great Wall (Beijing, China)
    The famous Great Wall is an amazing site, but the vast length and importance of the wall will leave tourists in astonishment. Explore the greatness firsthand by setting up walking tours throughout sections of the wall.




Princess Cruises Busan South Korea Buddhas inside the Mountain Buddhist Temple of Seokbulsa
  • Ja Gal Ch’i Market and Beomeosa Temple (Busan, South Korea)
    Explore the Beomeosa Temple grounds which date back to 678 AD. Here you’ll find the three-stone pagoda and the Gate of Heavenly Kings. Then you’ll visit the fish market for some fresh fish and a look into life in South Korea.




Princess Cruises elephants of Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage bathing in river
  • The Elephants of Pinnawala (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
    This breeding ground for elephants is a serene space where 60 animals roam the 24-acre space. While you’re there you’ll see the baby elephants being fed and enjoy a buffet lunch.



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