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Take a Europe River Cruise down the Po, Danube, Rhine, or one of the other grand rivers of the European region for a unique and special experience with Uniworld River Cruises. Imagine floating down small waterways and exploring the wonders of Venice along the Po River, where you can expand your culinary boundaries and immerse yourself in Italian culture. You may see some inspiring architectural and historical sites in river ports like Vienna and Nuremberg along the Danube River, or you could sail the Douro, allowing you to sample the fiery cuisine of Span and Portugal—all aboard a Uniworld Europe River Cruise.


Uniworld River Cruises - France



Uniworld River Cruises - Italy





Things to Do on an Europe Cruise with Uniworld River Cruises


Po River – Visit some of Italy’s most acclaimed cities with Uniworld and you can learn to make pasta, visit the amazing Vatican museums and watch as glass blowers create amazing works of art.



Uniworld River Cruises tagliatelle al ragu from Bologna, Italy
  • Pasta Making (Bologna, Italy)
    Spend the day learning about and trying some of the food specialties that this region of Italy is known for, including Bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese. Next, you’ll get in the kitchen to create your own pasta.




Uniworld grand canal ferry boat
  • Arts Center Visit (Venice, Italy)
    Enjoy a ferry boat ride to a local arts center where you’ll see glass blowing and lace making. The islands of Murano and Burano are known for these intricate and beautiful art forms that date back centuries.




Uniworld River Cruises Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy
  • Vatican Museums (Rome, Italy)
    Take a tour through the various Vatican museums which are in Vatican City, a separate sovereign city-state located completely inside Italy. Your last stop will be in the Sistine Chapel where you’ll marvel at the masterful ceiling mural painted by Michelangelo.




Seine River – An important part of Paris, the Seine River provides amazing and artful experiences like a visit to the Louvre, Monet’s gardens or a display of Tapestry in Rouen. All of this and more are only steps away from your luxury Uniworld river ship.




Uniworld Giverny Monet garden
  • Monet’s Home (Giverny, France)
    Visit Monet’s beloved Giverny, where he lived for nearly 40 years, and see the Japanese gardens and beautiful water lilies that he frequently painted. During this visit you’ll learn about the painter’s life and legacy.




Uniworld River Cruises War Memorial at Omaha Beach, Normandy
  • Normandy Beaches with Tapestry Museum (Rouen, France)
    See a tapestry that was made in the 11th century depicting the Battle of Hastings. Then head to Omaha Beach where you’ll learn about the incredible battles of D-Day and visit a memorial honoring the soldiers who lost their lives in Europe during WWII.




Uniworld Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Do As the Locals Do in Ile de la Cite (Paris, France)
    Tour the Il de la Cite, one of the most historic neighborhoods of Paris. Here you’ll visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame and spend time at one of Paris’ traditional open air markets where you can get baguettes, fromage and all manner of Parisian delicacies.




Rhone River – The south of France is one of the most romanticized places in the world – make the most of it with Uniworld’s luxury boutique river cruises. On a Rhone River cruise you’ll taste hand crafted wine, attend an organ concert in a cathedral and more.




Uniworld Avignon
  • Kayak Down the Gardon River (Avignon, France)
    Experience the soothing French air and atmosphere as you paddle under the 2,000-year-old arches of Pont du Gard, a UNESCO heritage site.




Uniworld aerial view of Viviers
  • Viviers Village Day with Organ Concert (Viviers, France)
    Explore the enchanting and endearing village of Viviers by strolling along its small streets and stopping at a local artist’s shop to learn about the pottery of the region. Then you visit the stunning St. Vincent Cathedral to hear an organ concert.




Uniworld Tournon gardens
  • Walking Tour and Wine Tasting (Tournon, France)
    Tour the town of Tournon which is surrounded by wine growing regions. You’ll walk over the Marc Seguin suspension bridge and be treated to a wine tasting of regional blends. The Hermitage is a wine-growing district that was credentialed by Louis XIV.




Douro River – Explore the beautiful scenery and amazing past of Portugal as you sail along the Douro River with Uniworld. On the way you’ll taste great port and see the birthplace of six of the country’s kings.




Uniworld River Cruises Old City Coimbra, Portugal
  • Joanina Library Visit with Family-style Lunch (Coimbra, Portugal)
    Take a tour of Coimbra, which was the birthplace of six of Portugal’s kings and home to the University of Coimbra. Here you’ll find the Joanina Library which is surrounded by archways, carvings and frescoed ceilings. After spending time in this beautiful building you’ll travel to have a Portuguese lunch at a local restaurant.




Uniworld aerial view of Pinhao
  • Wine Tasting at a Quinta (Pinhao, Portugal)
    Learn about Portugal’s number one beverage, port. In Pinhao you’ll visit a quinta, or large country house, where you’ll try some of the nation’s best port samples.




Uniworld River Cruises Salamanca, Spain
  • Salamanca Tour with Flamenco Show (Salamanca, Spain)
    Visit Spain’s Golden City, named for the glow of its sandstone buildings. You’ll tour through Salamanca and its beautiful gothic arches and ornate buildings. Then take in a passionate and fiery flamenco dance.




Danube River – Experience all the beauty that Germany and Austria have to offer as you cruise along the Danube River with Uniworld. Here you can take a carriage ride through the Bavarian forest and see amazing art that was once owned by the Hapsburg dynasty.




Uniworld Hofburg Imperial Palace
  • Vienna City Tour (Vienna, Austria)
    Take a highlighted tour of Vienna where you’ll see the Hofburg Imperial Palace, visit the State Opera and walk around Ring Street. You’ll also visit the Art History Museum where there are tons of interesting exhibits, many of which were once collected by the Hapsburg family.




Uniworld River Cruises Weissenkirchen in Wachau Valley, Austria
  • Weissenkirchen Village Day with Exclusive Fruit Brandy Distillery (Melk, Austria)
    Explore the small village of Weissenkirchen and tour a brandy distillery which makes apricot schnapps, grown from the fruit that lines the river.




Uniworld River Cruises Bavarian Forest, Germany
  • Bavarian Forest Horse-drawn Wagon Ride with Theresienthal Visit (Deggendorf, Germany)
    Live a page out of a fairy tale as you travel through the beautiful Bavarian Forest in a horse-drawn carriage. Then taste bread that’s made fresh in a local village oven before heading to the famous glass workshops in Theresienthal. This is where Bohemian crystal is made.




Rhine River – See all aspects of Europe with a Uniworld Rhine River cruise. From the quaint everyday life in Strasbourg to a tour of an exquisite castle in Rudesheim, you’ll get a comprehensive view on a Rhine River cruise.




Uniworld River Cruises half-timbered houses in Strasbourg, France
  • Strasbourg Walking Tour (Strasbourg, France)
    Explore the Old Town of Strasbourg, a city that’s at the halfway point between Paris and Prague. As you are guided through the streets you’ll stop at a café for some delicious local pastries and coffee.




Uniworld River Cruises vineyard in Bamberg, Germany
  • Doktorenhof Vinegar Estate Visit and Tasting (Germersheim, Germany)
    Despite being in a wine region, some of the grapes grown in the Palatine region are used to make vinegar. Get a tour of the Doktorenhof Vinegar Estate and try some of their creations flavored by honey and herbs.




Uniworld Castle Vollrads Rudesheim
  • Castle Vollrads Wine Tasting and Guided Boppard Village Stroll (Rudesheim, Germany)
    Taste the Rieslings famously produced in Germany while in the 14th century Castle Vollards. The castle stands amongst the vineyards of the Rheingau wine region. Next you’ll explore the Upper Middle Rhine Valley from your luxury Uniworld river ship, before strolling the wine village of Boppard.




Main River – On a Main River cruise with Uniworld, you’ll be visiting some of the most important cities in Germany. Not only will you experience farm life in Franconia and see how pretzels are made in Wertheim, you’ll delve into Germany’s more recent history in Nuremberg.




Uniworld River Cruises skyline of Nuremberg, Germany
  • Nuremberg WWII Historical Tour with Documentation Center (Nuremberg, Germany)
    Nuremberg was an important city during the Nazi regime, and the eventual setting for the Nuremberg Trials. On this Uniworld excursion you can explore the Rally Grounds. Here you can visit the Documentation Center which is a museum dedicated to explaining Nazi motivations. Then you’ll see the Courtroom where the Nuremberg Trials occurred.




Uniworld River Cruises Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
  • Franconian Farm and Village Visit (Bamberg, Germany)
    Take a trip to the German countryside as you visit a Franconian farm and village where you’ll see the daily life of rural Germans.




Uniworld River Cruises Old Town in Wertheim am Main, Germany
  • Wertheim Village Day with Exclusive Wine Tasting and Pretzel-making Demonstration (Wertheim, Germany)
    Pretzels are a favorite treat at ball games, but do you know their German roots? Learn how this doughy treat is made when you visit the medieval town of Wertheim. Make sure to also try some of the regional wine.




Moselle River – The valley surrounding the Moselle River is known for its rustic beauty and amazing wines. Cruise through the Moselle River with Uniworld and you’ll have an opportunity to visit Luxembourg, the only Grand Duchy in the world, and taste the best Rieslings in the world.




Uniworld River Cruises Alzette River in Luxembourg City
  • Luxembourg with WWII Cemetery (Trier, Luxembourg)
    Visit Trier, one of the oldest communities in Europe. Take a tour of the world’s only Grand Duchy, Luxembourg. Here you’ll see the Grand Ducal Palace and visit the final resting place of admired US Army General George Patton.




Uniworld River Cruises Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Germany
  • Cochem Walking Tour with Reichsburg Castle and Ediger-Eller Village Walk with Wine Tasting (Cochem, Germany)
    Tour the fascinating Reichsburg Castle and the old town it’s situated in and then meet the mayor who will take you through the town’s streets. You’ll head to the church for an organ recital followed by a wine tasting.




Uniworld Bernkastel walking tour
  • Bernkastel Walking Tour with Exclusive Wine Tasting at the Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Wine Estate (Bernkastel, Germany)
    Taste some delightfully light, yet rich Riesling wines at the estate of Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler. As you drink, enjoy the amazing views of vineyards that line the banks of the Moselle. This town has mastered Riesling wines with 500 years of wine making.




Saone River – Only one stop: Chalon sur Saone



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