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Verona, Italy Cruise Port

Verona is a moderately populated, yet wonderfully historic town in northern Italy. In fact, because of its ancient urban structure and its distinct old Romanesque architecture, UNESCO declared the city a World Heritage Site. The Verona Arena is particularly special because of its traditional amphitheater design built by the Romans at the height of their reign. This is one of the most popular northern Italy tourist destinations on account of the maintained remnants of the old Empire, their annual vibrant street fairs, and because two of Shakespeare’s plays took place in this humble town: The Two Gentlemen of Verona and the ever popular Romeo and Juliet. The cruise port is on the Adige River in Italy’s Veneto region and has a friendly, bustling marketplace. The sights in town are plentiful and include a number of squares overflowing with activity, decadent bridges, glorious churches, and even more impressive tombs.


  • Verona’s Cathedral, also known as Duomo, is stunning like all the churches in Verona; however, this is one of the largest and by far the most famous in the lot.
  • The Forte S. Giorgio is an old fort turned museum that protected the city through unrest during the 17th century. Today, guides will take visitors above and below ground level to reveal the many wonders of this great building.
  • Palazzo Maffei is a beautiful walking plaza surrounded by stone buildings and towers. Many of the sites are beside informational placards to better inform the passersby.
  • The Arco della Costa is a unique arch and land bridge that has a whale bone hanging down from the highest internal section. This acts as the entrance to Piazza del Signori from Piazza della Erbe.

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