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Holland America Line Caribbean Cruises

Tropical sunsets, beautiful sunrises, and a vacation full of vibrant wildlife and culture awaits you onboard a Holland America Line Caribbean cruise. Each region will relax and delight you, whether you decide upon the exotic luxury of the Southern Caribbean, the vibrant cultures of the Western Caribbean, or the pure tropical perfection of the Eastern Caribbean. Cave explorations in Curacao or a trek through the Mayan ruins of Costa Maya can satisfy your appetite for adventure, a city tour of Old San Juan can satiate your cultural desire. Each day is different, but each day is unforgettable during a Caribbean cruise with Holland America.


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Things to Do on a Caribbean Cruise with Holland America Line


With the sun shining and the clear water lapping the shores, you'll have an incredible experience in the Caribbean with Holland America Line. Be sure to get your groove on at a reggae party or river tubing in Dominica. Featured below are just a few of the amazing experiences available to you on a tropical Caribbean escape with Holland America:


Martinique Coast - Holland America
  • St. Pierre and Rum Distillery ( Fort de France, Martinique)
    Learn about the production of Agricole Rum, famous in Martinique. You'll also get a chance to try this cane juice rum. Then travel to Saint Pierre where you can visit the Volcano Museum and ride through towns where Christopher Columbus set foot and Paul Gauguin painted. In Bellefontaine there are lots of interesting things to see and observe on this French island, including a house shaped like a boat.



Caribbean Snorkel - Holland America
  • Schooner Calypso and Reggae Party (Kingstown, St. Vincent)
    Stay in the water on this wooden-decked schooner where the reggae music will have you jamming and the Chatoyer rum punch will have you swaying to the groove. During this party sail you'll pass by fishing villages and black sand beaches. Then you'll anchor near the beach and be invited to snorkel in the amazingly clear water.




Jungle Streams - Holland America
  • River Tubing, Rainforest Drive and Hibiscus Falls (Roseau, Dominica)
    Start your day by viewing the Hibiscus Falls, a beautiful spot covered with lush greenery, and then make your way to the river where you'll watch a Carib Native cultural group perform a traditional dance before you head in. As you drift down this peaceful river you'll encounter amazing scenery and wildlife.




Guadeloupe Beach - Holland America
  • Clear Kayaking (Terre de Haut, Guadeloupe)
    See the beautiful underwater life the flourishes off the island of Guadeloupe by venturing out in a clear kayak. You'll venture into Les Saintes Bay where you'll marvel at the variety of fish you can see as you propel yourself out into the peaceful bay.




Grand Turk Botanic Garden - Holland America
  • Grand Turk Explorer (Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos)
    Spend three hours on a guided tour of Grand Turk. On this adventure you'll visit the Grand Turk Methodist Church. You'll also stop by the Salt House where you'll learn about the town's salt industry. Next you'll tour the Grand Turk Botanic Garden, and then go shell hunting on a local beach. Your tour guide will let you know about the variety of shells that are found on the local beaches.




St Croix - Holland America
  • A stroll through Frederiksted (Frederiksted, St. Croix)
    Visit Fort Frederik and the Old Danish School as you wind your way through the streets of this island town. Along the way you'll learn about the Danish and African influences on the town's history and architecture. As you stroll you'll see old Victorian homes and learn about the families that once owned these astounding properties.



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