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North Cape, Norway Cruise Port

North Cape, also known as Nordkapp is a cape found on the Northern Coast of Mageroya Island in the Northern part of Norway. The cape is located within Nordkapp Municipality in the Norwegian Finnmark County. The cape has a 307 meter- high cliff that boasts a large plateau at its top and faces towards the Barents Sea. The steep cliff found in North Cape is frequently mistaken as being the continent’s northernmost point. The North Cape is located at the point where the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea meet; which is a part of the Arctic Ocean. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to North Cape, Norway:
  • The plateau at the cape’s top is an ideal location for visitors to explore. Here, visitors get the chance to see some stunning views of the Barents Sea, and the midnight sun which is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the region due to its position in the Arctic Circle.
  • The North Cape is one of the few places where adventurers and nature lovers can get the chance to hike the snow-covered mountains and cliffs. Visitors could also hike across some of the glaciers found in the region. The rewarding views enhance the experience.
  • Visitors should stick around for one of the most spectacular attractions of the North Cape; the Aurora Borealis, which is also commonly known as the Northern Lights. Visitors can get a view of it from any number of points in the North Cape.
  • Those who are interested in the region’s marine wildlife should go on some of the available boat tours of the cape. People usually get the opportunity to catch glimpses of whale species that thrive in the waters of the region.
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