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Skarsvaag, North Cape Cruise Port

Skarsvaag is a village, which is located in Nordkapp Municipality in the county of Finnmark in Norway. It is regarded as the Northernmost fishing village of the world. It is also regarded as the world’s Northernmost settlement, which can be accessed by a major road network which is popularly known as the European route E69. The village is located about 14 kilometres from the North Cape, which is a cape that is situated on Mageroya Island. Its 307 metre steep cliff is usually referred to as Europe’s Northernmost point. The North Cape has become a well-known tourist attraction and many tourists flock to the region annually. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, and activities that visitors will definitely enjoy after cruising to Skarsvaag, North Cape:
  • The area is well known for the fishing villages. Visitors to the region should not pass the opportunity to learn more about the village by interacting with the locals. The locals are friendly which makes it easy to interact with them. They make ones stay in the area more enjoyable.
  • Bird watchers should not miss out on the opportunity to observe the birds that are found in the region. A person can go on a bird safari in the region, which gives visitors the chance to see and spot the birds in their natural habitat.
  • Getting around the area is easy due to the availability of buses and coaches that operate on a regular basis. Walking is convenient in many cases. The area is also close to an airport, which is beneficial to visiting travellers.
  • The North Cape can be accessed through entering Nordkapphallen. The latter is an extensive commercial tourist centre which houses several exhibits that tell of the history of the Cape. It is a good destination for people that want to learn more about the history of the village.

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