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Viking Venus Overview

Viking Venus from Viking Ocean Cruises is thoughtfully created to indulge guests in ancient Nordic traditions with modern luxuries, featuring the same elegant Scandinavian design as her popular sister ships. Also as with each of her sister ships, Viking Venus welcomes a maximum of 930 guests per sailing, guaranteeing guests a small-ship experience with space to explore and attentive staff. Aboard Viking Venus, guests find rejuvenation at the unique and indulgent spa. Treatments follow ancient Nordic traditions of relaxation, giving guests a spa experience that truly is not found anywhere else. If ever feeling puckish—visit The Restaurant for local cuisine and American classics, or sit down at Wintergarden for afternoon tea and pastries. These spaces are designed with floor to ceiling glass windows to keep you close to the destinations you've traveled to see.

Entertainment comes in many forms aboard Viking Venus, from 1940's Hollywood jazz lounges to performances crafted to surround you with the cultures of your destinations. Even going to sleep on Viking Venus is a treat as all staterooms include Viking Explorer beds with luxury linens and pillows. As her sisters, Viking Venus is an all-veranda ship, meaning that every room from Owner's Suites to Verandas are home to wonderful views, luxury amenities and unforgettable experiences. To experience the bliss that is sailing Viking Ocean Cruises, contact The Cruise Web today at 1-800-377-9383.

  • Passenger Capacity: 930 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2021
  • Last Refurbished: N/A



The Viking Living Room Aboard Viking Venus
  • The Viking Living Room
    The Viking Living Room is the perfect place for relaxation and stimulating conversation. The space is decorated with classic Viking touches and even the bar is inspired by ancient longships. In addition, a flourishing library inspires and educates even the most well-read traveler. Grabbing drinks, conversing on past travels with new friends, or reading a new tale is all possible in The Viking Living Room while an orchestral trio plays softly in the background.




The Restaurant Aboard Viking Venus
  • The Restaurant
    The Restaurant is the main dining room aboard Viking Venus and is considered the height of the onboard dining experience. The space is light and airy, bathed in white decorum and surrounded by all glass floor-to-ceiling windows. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here with exquisite, locally-sourced cuisine, plus American classics are always available.




The Spa Aboard Viking Venus
  • The Spa
    The Spa aboard Viking Venus channels the traditions of soothing Nordic wellness. It features the Snow Grotto and sauna which together offer the Nordic tradition of alternating hot and cold treatments. A fitness center is featured in The Spa with treadmills, elliptical, open space for yoga or Pilates, and personal fitness trainers. Of course, guests also have the option of pampering themselves with Scandinavian-style services, such as traditional massages and facials.




The Snow Grotto Aboard Viking Venus
  • Snow Grotto
    Located within The Spa, The Snow Grotto is perhaps the most unique treatment space at sea. It acts as a part of the centuries old Nordic tradition of alternating hot and cold treatments to detoxify. Snowflakes even fall from the chilled air! After your stay, complete the Nordic tradition by stepping into the sauna.




Torshavn Aboard Viking Venus
  • Torshavn
    This dynamic music venue was created in the image of romantic jazz lounges of 1940's Hollywood. Music lovers will flourish in this intimate setting which is ideal for pre-dinner drinks or after dinner entertainment. Torshavn provides guests with performances of jazz pianists, trios and vocalists with the option of trying rare vintage drinks from 1935.




Wintergarden Aboard Viking Venus
  • Wintergarden
    Wintergarden is Viking's venue for late afternoon tea—the staple of English civility. Here guests will enjoy finger sandwiches, international teas, scones, desserts and tea ceremony demonstrations. In Wintergarden, expect bright, panoramic views and the classy ambiance that can only be generated by the melodies of a string quartet.




The Chef's Table Aboard Viking Venus
  • The Chef's Table
    The Chef's Table is a unique multi-course culinary experience in which cultural enrichment comes in the form of regional cuisine. All courses are inspired and prepared by acclaimed guest chefs, guaranteeing surprises at every meal. Meals are specially paired with wines by onboard experts, filling out the dining experience with fragrance and flavor.





The Theater Aboard Viking Venus
  • The Theater
    The Theater aboard Viking Venus is a state-of-the-art multipurpose theater able to hold 450 guests, transforming to fit the nature of the act it will host, which include lectures, TED Talks and movie nights! Featured destination performances are put on in The Theatre allowing guests to become fully immersed in their travels.




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Viking Venus Cruise Destinations

Being one of the youngest cruise lines in the industry, Viking Oceans is sticking to sailings in Europe. Their elegant ships offer Mediterranean itineraries where you’ll experience all aspects of the culture from trying the exalted cuisine to visiting the sights that continue to inspire artists and intellectuals to this day like the lavender fields in Aix or the Parthenon in Athens. There are also northern European itineraries that focus on the Viking culture of Scandinavia and the beauty of the Norwegian fjords.

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Viking Venus Departure Ports

Go in-depth in Europe with a cruise on the brand-new Viking Oceans cruise line. Viking Oceans is committed to enriching each of their passengers with the rich culture and heritage of Europe. Their first set of itineraries embarks from major cities on the continent like Istanbul, Barcelona and Stockholm. If you want to learn more about this new cruise line keep exploring our site and give our expert cruise consultants a call. 

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Viking Venus Deck Plans

Deck 1

Viking Venus Deck 1 Deck Plan

Deck 2

Viking Venus Deck 2 Deck Plan

Deck 3

Viking Venus Deck 3 Deck Plan

Deck 4

Viking Venus Deck 4 Deck Plan

Deck 5

Viking Venus Deck 5 Deck Plan

Deck 6

Viking Venus Deck 6 Deck Plan

Deck 7

Viking Venus Deck 7 Deck Plan

Deck 8

Viking Venus Deck 8 Deck Plan

Deck 9

Viking Venus Deck 9 Deck Plan

Viking Venus Staterooms

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Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (PV1)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (PV2)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (PV3)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (DV1)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (DV2)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (DV3)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (DV4)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (DV5)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (DV6)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (V1)

Viking Venus Balcony Stateroom

Balcony (V2)

Viking Venus Suite Stateroom

Suite (ES1)

Viking Venus Suite Stateroom

Suite (ES2)

Viking Venus Suite Stateroom

Suite (ES3)

Viking Venus Suite Stateroom

Suite (OS)

Viking Venus Suite Stateroom

Suite (PS1)

Viking Venus Suite Stateroom

Suite (PS2)

Viking Venus Suite Stateroom

Suite (PS3)

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